Information is not being given to people when they are getting vaccinated on the potential side effects including death, people are not giving informed consent. This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code

Dylan Eleven | | August 31 2021

Standing in line at a drug store to pick up a prescription I witnessed a person checking in for a second shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech death injection.

The person was greeted, asked if they had any issues with the first shot and if the emergency contact is correct. That was it. Sit down and fill out the form without any medical warnings or written information on the potential risks.

So as I am fully aware of the risks I could not keep silent. I asked the white coated person who gave the elderly trusting gentleman no information about the potential risks, if they understood what the term informed consent regarding the vaccine was and if they inform people of the potential adverse reaction risks including death?

She said no. She did not give any information about the potential risks and did not know what the term informed consent was.

This is how people are being tricked into suicide. Untrained, un aware, ignorant people handing out a death jab as if it was vitamin c.

I then informed her of her personal liability under violation of the Nuremberg Code which can carry the death penalty.

At this point she looked to the other white coats, and the main pharmacist for some help. She got none. No one spoke or came to her aid. Because they know they are in the wrong.

I then spoke to the elderly gentleman and asked him if they have, before the last shot or at any time, explained the potential risks, side effects including death. He said no, not at all.

This is not informed consent.

I hope he took my advice and decided against taking a death clot shot that is designed to kill him.

It makes you want to camp outside every place to save these people because no one inside is warning them. They deserve better.

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