The Short Answer….

The Short Answer….
Paul Stramer / Paul Stramer (

By Anna Von Reitz

Here’s the short answer. The Brits misidentify us as British Territorial US Citizens as if we were born in Puerto Rico. The Pope then “buys” an interest in us as presumed British Commonwealth Citizens, including our names and estates, by posting a bond equal in value to our birth weight in gold.

We are thus placed into bondage by the Roman Municipal Corporation that operates out of the Municipality of Washington, DC. This works like a penal bond and guarantees our “performance” as a slave throughout our lifetimes to pay off the debts of the Municipal Government.

The posting of the gold results in the issuance of a Bearer Bond which is bought and sold by the Federal Reserve System and now by the IMF operating as the “United States Treasury” —-as a gold-backed commercial commodity, and also results in the issuance of a Clearinghouse Certificate, which you know as your Birth Certificate. The Birth Certificate has the number of the Bearer Bond attached to it.

The idea is that you should be able to present the Certificate (to your own name) and present that amount of gold (your birth weight in ounces of gold) and buy back “your” bond and thereby become a Free Man again. (Which you would, if you knew about any of this.)

There are lots of problems which immediately present themselves.

(1) We, Americans, are not British Territorial Citizens and not members of the British Commonwealth system.

(2) This system of unknowing peonage and enslavement is against international law and is in fact a capital crime under both The Geneva Conventions and The Hague Conventions.

(3) This sort of peonage and enslavement has been outlawed worldwide since 1926.

(4) You, and more importantly, your Mothers, were never given full disclosure about any of this, so it’s all self-interested international fraud against babies in their cradles.

(5) So, you were defrauded as a baby in your cradle and sold into de facto slavery by foreign “service” corporations, that are supposed to be here abiding by the Constitutions.

(6) They tried to excuse this as a “usufructuary relationship” but failed that test, because the subject of the usufruct (you and your estate) has suffered a lot of damage.

(7) They finally said that all the “extra” Territorial and Municipal PERSONS they created in our names were “gifts” — that is, that the Pope created these bonded PERSONS for our benefit as gifts.

(😎 They basically had to claim this to try to legalize what they’ve done and avoid the noose.

(9) To add insult to injury, the gold that the Pope used to “purchase” you, was your gold.

(10) Now we are closing in on the rats and they are being compelled to do a 180 degree tailspin with a double flip.

(11) They now owe us considerably more than Midas ever had, and the problem becomes how to relieve people without collapsing the value of the currencies with hyperinflation.

(12) The prepaid Vendor Card takes the phony debt off the shoulders of Americans without wholesale hyperinflation, which would harm Americans instead of helping them.

(13) All wrong-headed ideas apart from our measured and disciplined approach results in the collapse of the world economy, which would kill billions of innocent people.

(14) Groups of people in every country are setting up at least one International Trade Bank and a Commercial Bank owned and operated by their Trade Bank.

(15) This Bilateral Banking System allows us to trade in lawful money and also to transact using commercial script, and still stand under the Public Law.

(16) Bringing everything and everyone back under the Public Law guarantees an end to bank malfeasance and theft of private property.

So, that, in a nutshell is what has happened and what is going on, if you can follow along and read the tea leaves.

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