We are heading for a revolt

We are heading for a revolt
Tap News / Weaver

by Fabian Ubiquitus

Right now the criminal factions that have hijacked governments such as the UK are terrified.

The vax deaths and injuries are accumulating vast numbers. Some estimates put the vax deaths globally at two million already.

>Whatever the true current numbers, even the ones the government will admit to are shocking and this is early days. They are going to get a whole lot worse.

The true damage to people will really start to show up over the next few years.

Come this winter we will probably see the severe reactions of the vaxed to Coronaviruses predicted by many experts start to hit.

The government can be expected to pull every trick in the book to hide or obfuscate the damning figures but as time goes on it will become harder and harder to hide the truth, that it has engineered through the booby trapped pseudo vaccines the injury and death of millions of its own people.

Hence the near panic with which it is desperately pushing the vax program to try to get everybody done and incapacitated – too tired or sick (or dead) to resist – before the sh*t hits the fan, which it is going to do as sure as night follows day.

Everybody should be done by now but they aren’t. The globalist eugenicists” vax progrom has stalled with probably less than half (exaggerated gov figures notwithstanding) the adult citizenry vaxed) and the more the gov pushes, cajoles, threatens and intimidates to get everybody done, the more the citizenry resist.

Resistance is caused by five combined factors:

1. The cat is out of the bag regarding vax injuries and deaths. It can never be stuffed back in the bag. The truth about the injuries and deaths is now on the loose and will permeate everywhere.

2. The push is too hot and heavy to make sense considering the relatively mild nature and low fatality rate of the alleged bug the vaxes are purported to protect people from. This contradiction screams ulterior motives and many people see it. Far too many for the gov’s comfort.

3. It is becoming obvious the vaxes do not work in terms of preventing infection or spreading infection and so the push to administer them makes no sense (see 2 above) especially as several safe remedies exist.

4. The predicted extreme reactions of the vaxed to the Coronaviruses predicted by many experts are now becoming obvious and in ever growing numbers. They know that come winter this is going to get a whole lot worse.

5. The government, having been caught out lying about virtually every aspect of this affair, is bleeding out credibility at an accelerating rate.

Therefore the people behind this attack on their own citizenry are terrified. The resistance has exploded despite their control of the media and social networks, which they thought they had sewn up and despite the most virulent censorship in history, which has failed utterly to stop the truth escaping

So they are in serious trouble.

When the injuries and deaths REALLY start to hit, when the vaxed start to die or lose friends or loved ones, can you imagine how pissed off they are going to be at the lunatics who foisted this on them and set out to kill them?

And if the death and injuries include children . . .

We are heading for a revolt.

The political stooges and front men responsible will be thrown to the wolves by their puppet masters, the globalists working behind the scenes to orchestrate this direct assault on humanity.

They are going to pay for their crimes.

It is incumbent upon us to make sure they do and to remove them from the game – ALL of them INCLUDING THEV PUPPET MASTERS – so thoroughly and terminally they never again trouble the decent people of this planet with their manufactured chaos and orchestrated misery.

There are billions of people of good will and decent inclination on this planet and they deserve to be treated better.<

And they are rising.

The society is polarising.

Soon there will be on one side of the fence the architects of this oppression and their colloborators.

And on the other side, howling for justice, will be everybody else.

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