Latest on the Plandemic

Latest on the Plandemic
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By Anna Von Reitz

Latest on the Plandemic

The “vaccine” is the “Delta variant”. Don’t believe it? Watch this.

There is no “variant” —- there can’t be a “variant” of something that hasn’t ever been isolated and identified and sequenced.

We are watching the deliberate genocide of the human race by commercial corporations masquerading as governments.

These corporations have begun a kind of war against people, because they owe you a vast amount of money and they don’t want to pay.

It’s really quite obvious and simple.

You must organize and you must educate others and you must make use of the laws that exist to protect you and the “remedies” that they provided themselves.

If anyone tries to force you into taking the jab, reply that you are allergic to it.

That’s how Bill Gates and his kids avoided the jab.

The great promoter of “vaccines” that killed over 40,000 children and left 750,000 children maimed in India with fake polio vaccine, and who killed 27,000 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a similar campaign, was ALLOWED by people like Joe Biden to begin a very similar only worse campaign in this country.

Have you noticed that all the Royals have disappeared and all the chief actors in all the horrible things that have happened in the past twenty years? When is the last time you saw the Queen and any of her brood? How about the members of “your” Congressional Delegation? How about G.W. Bush? Or Dick Cheney? The Pope? Mr. Gates? Mr. Bezos? All the Hollywood “Stars”? Where are they?

Dead at the hands of Military Tribunals? Or are the Parasites hiding out in their new Host, China? Or, even worse, have they simply taken advantage of high tech age reversal programs and “disappeared” by becoming young again?

I’ve told you before that they were well-advanced in such research and pouring vast amounts of money into age reversal research fifty years ago.

Isn’t it obvious that they have succeeded in creating a “Fountain of Youth” and think that because people can now live much, much longer, the “herd” has to be culled and prevented from reproducing?

It’s the only scenario that makes sense.

They live “forever” and you die to allow that. So the Earth becomes populated with madmen and psychopaths. And the good decent people are disposed of or enslaved.

We know how to see them, because we know how they looked as young people.
They cannot hide. Even those in space will be destroyed.

They will be imprisoned forever in the heart of the sun they worship.

And those who have loved the True God and their fellow man will live in peace at last.

Be of good cheer and shine like a thousand stars. This is a Spiritual War and your spirits are strong. Make them stronger every day. Go into your “closet” and pray.

Take time to rest and imagine being in your Happy Place.

Speak to everyone you can and spread the word. Share this information far and wide.

Let the Australian Government know that their Treaty with “the US” is meaningless and all their corporations will fry for the harm they have done to their own people.

Even now, the wheels are turning and the weapons of the True Lord are forming.

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