Rome and Slaves

Rome and Slaves
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By Anna Von Reitz

One of the crucial bits of knowledge we are seeking to impart is that Rome never died. The Ancient Evil still survives.

The Roman Civil Law has continued to live on, as the Municipal (City) Law and what we call Maritime Law.

In the morass resulting from The American Civil War, two entities both of which practiced Roman Law remained on the field.

Both were Roman forces, one obviously and overtly so, one commanded by a foreign king, but still owned and operated by Rome.

The British Territorial Raj nominally directed by the British Monarch in his role as the Overseer of the Roman Catholic Church’s Commonwealth faced off against the Municipal United States Government which was also under the Roman Pontiff’s control.

It’s best to remember that in Ancient Rome, slaves are how the Romans enriched themselves, above all else.

No Roman Government ever approved of guaranteed freedom for anyone, and it is not a mistake that the Municipal United States Government fought for the South.

Nor is it a mistake that the British Territorial (Commonwealth) Government that fought for the Northern Confederacy also approved of slavery — so long as it made a profit, because they were under the Roman thumb, too.

The Revenue Act of 1863 was booted up because of the bankruptcy of the Northern Confederacy and its British-led Commonwealth Allies announced by Abraham Lincoln in March of that same year; it happened the day after he, Lincoln, issued the first-ever Executive Order as Commander-in-Chief and established the Lieber Code as instructions for the U.S. Army going forward.

This Revenue Act of 1863 is the origin of the “Bureau of Revenue” which began operations as the Internal Revenue Service shortly after the armed hostilities ended.

The Revenue Act of 1863 was enacted under the assumed “War power authority” of the Territorial Government and made trade in a huge list of goods “Federally Privileged.” One had to be licensed to buy and sell such diverse things as playing cards, gunpowder, and feathers, and all these things were subjected to an Excise Tax.

Now, it is plain to see from the Constitutions and other records that no American Government ever considered buying and trading in all these goods to be privileged in any way. According to our treaties and agreements the only Federally regulated goods are alcohol, tobacco and firearms —- and the word “firearms” does not generally fall under the definition of “arms” which we are guaranteed.

Americans could not be subjected to such a scheme, but the defeated Municipal United States citizenry could be, and they were. This is where it becomes so glaringly evil and self-serving for the then-Territorial Congress to gratuitously “confer” Municipal citizenship on the freed plantation slaves —- the infamous “Fourteenth Amendment citizenship” —- so as to enslave them all over again, to corporate masters. Soon the victims were stuck paying taxes and licenses of all kinds to pursue careers of common right, too.

They even had to pay for and prove up for a Marriage License.

All of this is illegal and unlawful, but they got away with it, right here in a free country, by sleight of hand, by pretense, by legal presumption, by false registrations, and undisclosed, misrepresented enrollments and foreign implied and unilateral contracting processes and adhesion contracts that have never been valid on our soil and don’t apply under American Common Law or any Constitution.

Freed black plantation slaves, and Chinese railroad workers and “resettled” Native peoples and former Southern Rebels were all lumped together as part of the Municipal Government citizenry, and prosecuted under Roman Civil Law for debts they didn’t owe, taxed for privileges that were never privileges, and forced to foot the bill for the war-mongering Territorial Raj.

The usurping Territorial Government sought to disarm these second class citizens from the start, the better to parasitize them; so, the first federal gun control laws were enacted, but they only impacted people of color, Federal Civil Servants, and Southern Rebels. For them, buying a gun was against the law in a country that guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. . These laws were called “Slave Codes” and the only way this evil encroached upon this country was that other Americans who were not effected by these codes didn’t protest and come to their aid.

We saw the same trick in Nazi Germany sixty years later, only this time the marginalized portion of the population happened to be Jewish.

It really doesn’t matter who the scapegoats are, it only matters that some people are labeled as second class citizens, and separated from the bulk of the population using some excuse — skin color, religion, ethnic background, disease, age, or what-have-you — because then the Old Roman System can crank up and begin selectively enslaving people.

Once that begins it is only a matter of time until they enlarge upon the slave population to include nearly everyone, and settle down to feed, like the parasites they are, on the labor, creativity, assets, and skills of others.

Under the Roman Civil Law (on land) and the Maritime Law (on sea) all this is perfectly legal and has been for thousands of years. And this is how the free peoples of America, Europe, and the Commonwealth have been misidentified and enslaved by these fraud artist parasites and made to kneel to Rome, which is today less than a piss ant in reality.

The “Slave Codes” were gradually expanded to include the rest of the population of America and most European countries by 1940, and nobody was the wiser. If you have any doubts about the slave status of the Municipal United States citizens, read the Buck Act published in 1940 by their Territorial United States brethren.

Thank you, Dustin, yes, an excellent article on the subject of racially motivated gun control can be found here, cited below, but keep in mind that the same kind of oppression was applied to the Jews on the basis of religion, and nearly any such excuse for scapegoating can be applied. It is completely plausible that Democrats would try to impose gun control on Republicans, or on rich people, or on University graduates, or on people who aren’t vaccinated.

It’s the same Old Evil using the same Old Legal System to promote the same Old Result — the abuse of a smaller population by a larger population, followed by the gradual enslavement of almost all those partaking in this “System” for a very few Patricians sitting on top of the stinking pile.

We forgot that what impacts one of us, impacts all of us.

So let’s all just recognize it for what it is: an Ancient Evil with known results.

As the Chinese began with the people of Tibet, they will end with the people in Beijing. As the U.S. Territorial Government began by enslaving and denigrating people of color and Southerners, they have also gradually enslaved themselves.

And now, all of that must be recognized for the sham and the crime that it is, and the Old Roman System has to be recognized, broken apart, and cast aside forever.

When they try to separate us, we must ever more solidly unite.

When they try to undermine our law and substitute their law for ours, we have to kick them to the curb. And when they tell their lies and start in with their deceits, we have to call them on it, each and every time, until they grow weary and starve for lack of prey.

At all times and in all ways, we must guard ourselves against prejudice and bigotry and blame, hypocrisy, fear, and herd behavior. We must stand with Patrick Henry and Daniel Webster and learn the Credo of Freedom as our Victory Song.

Nobody is free until we are all free.

And then, say it again. And again. And again….

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