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A few days ago I reached out to my friend JP Sears to ask what it would cost to sponsor one of his videos. My goal was to support his great work and also to promote my new book Pl@ndemic: Fear is the Virus. Truth is the Cure.

A couple of days later, my sons and I were watching JP’s latest video on YouTube. To my surprise, that video included a hysterical and generous plug for my book. He did this totally on his own, because that’s the kind of friend JP is.

For millions around the world, JP’s work is a lighthouse in the storm. While most comedians have caved to cancel culture, JP has risked it all to say out loud what others are too afraid to whisper. The man does more real research and reporting than most top journalist do!

Offscreen JP is one of the most humble, kind and honest men I’ve ever known. If you value the medicine of truth and laughter, please subscribe to JP’s CHANNEL

As a first-time author, I’m just learning how this game works. The next several days are critical. To ensure that my book receives the visibility required to break through all the noise out there, it needs to remain within the Top 100 Books on Amazon for the next couple of weeks.

The last time I made this request you responded, driving our ranking from #19,496 to #17!

Anyone paying attention can see that the “pandemic” has been leveraged to divide us. Friends and families are being torn apart by lies and fear. I wrote this book to serve as an antidote to this divisive agenda. 

Packed with indisputable scientific studies and hard facts, my book transcends politics and cultural ideologies. Most importantly, it will leave you inspired and empowered to overcome the challenges that lie ahead!   

If you’re in need of help to wake up a loved one, this book was written for you! Order your advanced copy of Pl@ndemic: Fear is the Virus. Truth is the Cure. now!  

100% of my profits go directly to a charitable fund that will be used to create new educational systems for families seeking alternatives to the divisive ideologies that have infiltrated our children’s schools.


Mikki Willis


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