Rocco Galati Speech (Transcript)

Dylan Eleven | | Sep 21 2021

It was hard to hear the full speech on the video we posted recently, so we did a transcript of his speech. Also it is good for reference for you to have to help fight the unlawful and unconstitutional deathshot “Vaccine” mandates. (Video below also)

Rocco Galati

This is about who controls your body your mind and your will, you or the friggin state.

Thomas Jefferson said when people are afraid of the government we have a Tyranny, when government is afraid of its people you have a democracy.

What we have now is a dictatorship that ignores the rule of law, ignores the constitution, ignores the Supreme Court of Canada’s judgments on the constitution.

You have a constitutional right, according to the Supreme Court of Canada, to refuse any medical treatment and/or procedure.

It is not the state that decides that for you, it’s you.

The vaccine policies that have been put into place recently are illegal, criminal, and unconstitutional.

Anytime you say to somebody “if you don’t do A, I will do B” they call it extortion.

To coerce unwarranted medical treatment is assault.

They are uttering threats, depraved baby Justin is uttering threats as the head of state during this election campaign.

He is threatening you that if you don’t get the vaccine he is going to punish you.

That is not just criminal, it is immoral , it’s un democratic.

With respect to the PCR tests or any other Covid-19 tests: Section 3 of the genetic Non-discrimination act makes it a criminal offense punishable by five years to administer a DNA or RNA test to determine whether or not you may be susceptible to transmitting a transmittable disease. Per offence.

Every time they ask you or force you to do a PCR test it is a criminal offense punishable by five years.

There is no magic wand or bullet that is going to get us out of this.

The only thing that is going to get us out of Tyranny is, every individual that cherishes their liberties and democracy and the rule of law, has to stand up.

You can’t sit at home and expect someone else to do it for you.

Everybody’s got to do it for themselves.

No retreat no surrender.

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