An honest conversation with a police officer in Australia | He agrees with the protesters, but stands against them because he is getting paid to do so


Dylan Eleven | | Sep 22 2021

This is how atrocities are carried out. “Just doing my job. Just getting paid”

I have personally said to police, “let’s talk human to human” their response has been the same, they deflect and try to bulky.

Because if they had to have a conversation on equal level, human to human they would have to admit that their actions are against their oath and without moral and even legal justification.

What police and the army need to realize is that they do not have a typical job. They don’t sell a something that we have the right to say no to like a new shirt or new car. Their job allows them to carry a gun and carry out their job with force. This is not a job that you can simply go to and do your job because you are getting paid. You have to do your job with a clear focus on what is right and wrong because you are armed.

Therefore the oath you police took must be carried out in every action they do, even if it means disobeying orders and not receive of a pay cheque.

With great power comes great responsibility.

If you do not have both you are a fascist tyrant with a gun and eventually people will arm themselves and attack back.

These protests are getting more and more violent. Doing your job at this point is treason against the population.

If millions of people are in the streets demanding something you listen to them, not fight them.

Police are part of the problem. They could easily be the solution if they did their actual job they signed up for. Not this perverted version they have become.

This is by design. They have been hiring dumb, obedient bullies for years.

Anyone within the police that has half a brain should organize and rally within your ranks and stand with the people.

The police and the people are made to believe they are the enemy of each other. But this is not the truth. They are our brothers and sisters a s neighbour’s. In no battle before is it so easy to win the war by realizing we are actually on the same side and we need to act accordingly.

There is an enemy of us all and we the population, sided with the police would instantly arrest all the 1% scum on the planet and then we can all live in peace.

They are expecting us to riot and fight each-other ( people and police ) until it gets to civil war. They want this. It further divides and weakens the 99%.

We need total unity.

I have called for unity with the police because they are human and we are really on the same side.

Since the 1500’s there has been a simple structure to control.


A king surrounds himself with 6 people who he provides all the riches they need. This 6 people control 6 hundred and provide them with riches and security. The 6 hundred control 6 thousand who carry out the laws of the king.

The reality is 99% of us are actually being controlled by a few. We can reverse this 666 satanic control structure and join the 99% together as one. It is possible. We the people are doing our part by joining together in protest. The next step is for all police to join with us in the streets. This unity will save the world.

Time for police to ditch the pay check and get a fucking grip and save the world along side your fellow humans.

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