Daily Dose of Duping Deception

Daily Dose of Duping Deception
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

On virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues, US/Western state-approved fake news over the real thing is longstanding MSM practice.

For the NYT, what’s unfit to print and read is featured daily, truth and full disclosure banned.

All things flu/covid is Exhibit A.

Since the Times and other MSM allied with US/Western dark forces to mass-murder hundreds of millions worldwide on the phony pretext of protecting them, mass-deceived people perished in unprecedented numbers, all others jabbed irreversibly harmed, their lifespans shortened, their end-time likely to be harrowing until life expires.

Bowing to the will of a diabolical power in support of the highest of high crimes explains how MSM operate, their credibility lost.

Once soul-selling occurs, it cannot be bought back no matter the price willing to pay.

The Times and other MSM long ago sold theirs, transforming themselves from what journalism should be to house organs for diabolical interests.

Corporate America went the same way, including large hospital chains.

According to independent analysis, they’re listing most deaths of jabbed individuals as unjabbed.

They’re misdiagnosing and hospitalizing large numbers of asymptomatic patients to artificially inflate flu/covid numbers.

They’re withholding treatment with known safe and effective protocols in favor of health destroying jabs, dangerous drugs, and other counterproductive practices.

They’re killing patients by wrongfully placing them on ventilators because treating them this way pays threefold more than without their use.

The Biden regime ordered OSHA to conceal employer reports of harm from flu/covid jabs.

According to investigative journalist Lara Logan:

Biden regime hardliners ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to “hid(e) information from the public to promote (toxic) mass-jabbing.”

The agency’s mandate switched from “requir(ing) employers to retain records of worker(s) who suffered serious side effect(s) from” jabs to concealing them.

At the same time, OSHA is “forcing millions of Americans to take” health destroying jabs — based on an emergency that doesn’t exist.

On Wednesday, Times fake news falsely claimed that the world community of nations is waging “war” on flu/covid and losing (sic).

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is what happened in India’s Utter Praesh province with a population exceeding 240 million.

Prioritizing use of safe and effective ivermectin, flu/covid was virtually eliminated in a part of the country where the vast majority of the population is unjabbed.

If the same protocol was adopted by all nations in lieu of health destroying jabs, flu/covid would become a nonissue worldwide — in short order.

Ordinary people would be winners, US/Western dark forces, Pharma and their media press agents big losers.

It’s why use of this protocol in the US/West is shunned by many medical providers following pressure from rogue regimes and go-along medical organizations like the AMA.

Separately, the Times falsely claimed that essential surgeries are being delayed in parts of the US because of a surge of flu/covid hospitalizations.

The alleged “surge” is mostly fake or comprised of jabbed individuals infected with the viral illness.

In the same edition, the Times again pushed masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm from longterm use.

It lied claiming they work best when around others wearing them.

It lied saying they trap infectious droplets from escaping and spreading.

It lied claiming that there’s “plenty of evidence showing that masks protect the wearer even when others around them are mask-free (sic).”

True enough, some masks work better than others, but none protect from viral droplets as falsely claimed.

When worn throughout much of the day, they risk potentially serious harm while providing nothing beneficial.

As for jabs, they provide no protection and virtually guarantee harm near-or-longer-term.

What’s vital to explain on the most vital of all issues, the Times and other MSM consistently and repeated lie and mass deceive in cahoots with US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers.

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