Protestor Kyle Mitchell Honestly and passionately asked police to join with the people and stand up for our rights. And then they killed him. This is a declaration of war by the police. Police choose your side now

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Any police officer that does not immediately join with the people is a traitor to your country. This video (below) is not doing your fucking job. This is not upholding your oath. You are a fucking fascist. This is a declaration war against the people by the police.

Kyle was asking for the police to join with the people, and they killed him for it.

Police Join with the people now or know you are on the side of pure evil and fascist tyranny and will be treated as such at your trial.

People of the world stand united. We are many and they are few. United we stand. Make no mistake. We have had war declared upon us.

The death of Kyle Mitchell, of a brave young man who was standing up for his rights, is murder.

This man did not deserve to die.

Police do something now to try and make amends and stand up with the people. Or you are all going to hell and the world’s population will send you there.

Nuremberg Code violations carry the penalty of death. Helping promote a vaccine passport by stoping protestors from legally opposing it is enforcing a consequence for refusing a medical procedure and a violation of the Nuremberg Code. Which means police are subject to this and liable and can be found guilty and sentenced to death. And “Just following orders did not save anyone in the Nuremberg Trials and it won’t save police now.

Any police officer that is not joining with the people and standing up against this lawlessness and fascism is a fascist themselves. These are not just doing a job. They are choosing to be a fascist. These same people will choose to put you in a gas chamber if you don’t agree with them.

This must end now. There is no more illusions. Choose your side. This is war.

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