How can this be?

How can this be?
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Dr Judy Mikowits can’t believe Fauci wasn’t arrested forty years ago.

Yet every agency of government sits there while he orchestrates the deaths of billions of people through his medical interventions which destroy our bodies’ ability to function, our immune systems, our brains.

SARS 1 2003. MERS 2011. SARS 2. Progressively weaponising the viruses and coordinating the world’s media to spread panic to drive people onto the vaccines.

How come nothing changes? How come there is no resistance to the mass cull of humanity? All the information is available proving they are criminally killing millions or even billions of people, using weaponised medication.

Or is there a sprouting of resistance? The weaponised medications are not survivable. People must stop cooperating with their own destruction.

See her book Plague Of Corruption. Judy says all these illnesses are treatable by the correct medication, but the drugs like Hydroxychloroquine are banned.

Science wins and God wins, says Judy. She was infected with spike protein cancer-causing illness. Yet she survives as she takes the correct medication.

People can be saved from the weaponised viruses and cancer-causing agents by the appropriate response. Pine needle acids – but be careful too much of a good thing can be too much.

You need a drop. Not loads of it. Dosage must be exactly right with natural products as with medicines. You need a skilled practitioner to advise.

These criminals should be executed in the town square. Then we can cure all the effects.

Skin penetrating nano-particles can spread from vaccinated to unvaccinated, with blood congealing effects. Hyroxychloroquine and Ivermectin will battle these. Ozonated creams and balms keeps the energy flow through your cells. Stay away from the hospitals. Don’t wear masks.

Another great interview is Dr Christiana Northrup covering the shedding of inoculated people and what the threat is from that, especially to women. Skin contact is particularly dangerous for seven weeks after inoculation.


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