Workers fired for not showing New York vaccine passport will be denied unemployment insurance | This is a violation the Nuremberg Code

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Dylan Eleven | | Sep 27 2021

The Nuremberg Code states, Medical procedure may be declined without consequences. Therefore if someone declines the vaccine they should not be fired. This is a violation of the Nuremberg Code. A second consequence; not getting employment insurance due to their medical decision is also in violation of the Nuremberg Code. The employer and government are both liable.

The statement that they will not get unemployment insurance due to being fired for not getting a suicide vaccine is scare tactic. They are trying to coerce medical treatment. That is also assault.

The law is not on their side. They are trying to scare people with this tactic, because we have bills to pay, they think they can force us due to short term financial collapse. We must resist and help eliminate this short term threat for yourself and others.

Stand strong and do not get vaccinated. And if you are able to, help anyone who will be affected by this in the short term. This is the time for families and communities to work together so people are not feeling coerced
Into a suicide vaccine. Reach out to your friends and family and offer help so they can continue to decline the vaccine. Many will be scared into submission, we can eliminate that threat to them by offering assistance if they need it before they make that decision.

So many families of today are split by this vaccine and covid hoax. Some family members have ran out and got the vaccines. Others will fight to defend themselves against this genocide. So many families I see today are not working together. Some in the family have plenty and huge bank accounts and some are living below the poverty line and with these new vaccine mandates are about to be financially ruined.

We will win this war, but they are counting on short term pain to drive more to commit suicide. Help if you can. RSS feed

New York State employees who will get fired for not being able to show a vaccine passport will not access unemployment insurance, announced Gov. Kathy Hochul on Saturday, only two days before the deadline for all state workers to have to show a passport.

However, a judge temporarily halted the vaccine mandate for New York City workers on Friday.

New York state health workers in nursing homes and hospitals and teachers in New York City, were given up to Monday to show proof of at least one dose of the vaccine. While announcing contingencies to address a potential shortage of health workers, the governor said that those who could not show a passport and who lose their jobs will not be eligible for unemployment insurance.

Only those with a doctor-approved vaccine exemption will be unaffected from the new order.

On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that “thousands and thousands of vaccinated, experienced substitute teachers” were available to replace the unvaccinated teachers who will not report to work on Monday.

Union leaders urged the mayor to extend the deadline and criticized the substitute teachers plan, calling it “irresponsible.”

“CSEA is supportive of efforts to keep our state workplaces safer, but these changes must respect the legal bargaining rights of workers,” said CSEA spokesman Mark Kotzin.

However, late on Friday, a judge at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the city from enforcing the vaccine mandate for teachers. The case was referred to a three-judge panel, which will expedite it and provide a resolution by the end of the week.

When the vaccine passport comes into effect, there is expected to be a high probability of a shortage of health workers.

The governor announced plans to address the shortage through an executive order. Qualified health workers licensed in other states and countries, retired and former health practitioners and recent graduates will be allowed to practice in the state if they can show a passport. If that does not address the shortage, medically-trained members of the National Guard will be brought in, the Governor said, rather than resort to non-vaccine passport holders.

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