Payola 101

Payola 101
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By Anna Von Reitz

I said it once, I said it twice, okay, so I will say it three times — if they would lie about the A-Bomb, what else would they lie about?

Just like I am firmly convinced that the Brits are at the bottom of every dog pile, I am convinced that the commercial corporations posing as our “governmental services organizations” are made up entirely of actors and liars.

If you look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki today, 76 years after purported “atom bombs” were dropped on them, you will see thriving, busy, green-belted cities, where nothing but radioactive waste should remain, and a thermonuclear heat plate of molten glass underlying the mountains of ash.

So, there was no A-Bomb. It was all just lies then, and lies now, too, because we know for a fact that all those missiles and missile silos are either: (1) vacant, or (2) derelict and still using MS-DOS.

They are lying like rugs.

They are lying about virtually everything.

It cannot be our problem or concern to wonder why. Our only job is to observe that they are lying, and go from there.

As my Mother said, if a man will lie about one thing, he will lie about another. Soon he won’t know what the truth is anymore, and the confusion he created will be his own downfall.

So, it can’t be our concern to worry about how they will fall on their noses; we can be sure that those who lay snares will eventually fall in them.

I have been advised that hospitals are receiving thousands of dollars in payola for every patient they identify as suffering from a virus that has never been sequenced or otherwise identified.

The Great Snipe Hunt, revisited.

Some doctors — not all are in on the scheme — are receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars every month for their participation.

I have recently seen credible proof that schools are receiving $3,000 per pupil from the CDC organization for imposing mask and shot requirements.

That adequately explains why these individuals and institutions are pushing the script — plain, old-fashioned, payola.

They are their own version of Judas Iscariot. They will receive their reward.

And so, also, will the men and women who are paying them. It will come full circle, sooner than not.

Stand back and witness the vengeance of the Lord.

The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson is a reflection of the Universal Law which pervades the entire Universe. It is what it is. It stands as a monument to Man’s ability to grasp the meaning of injustice, its causes, and its cures.

Those who would offer you any New Deal or New Declaration of Independence are offering you a lie, because the truth is forever the truth. It needs no adornments or changes.

Don’t believe me? Go read The Declaration of Independence for yourself. See how exactly it matches the crimes that have been perpetuated against us today, just as it described these same crimes two hundred years ago.

There is a reason for this shocking parallel.

The same people and institutions who were preying upon us now were preying upon us then, too. What they could not win by force, they have attempted to win by guile.

And all the while, like Naughty Children, they think that they are not observed. They think that their rebellion against the Law of the Universe is not seen, but it is.

They think that they can kill most of the other people on this planet and never suffer themselves.

So they give themselves to their own superstitions, and worship the little gods they made with their own hands. They believe their own lies.

Recklessly, they give themselves exemptions from the evils they mandate for others, and right up until now, they have thought to themselves, “We shall do this to the sleeping sheep, and not be caught. Nobody will know. Nobody will make the call.”

Nonetheless, the call is made, and it goes forth like the Word that created this world.

Now they and all their henchmen are scattering like dry leaves in the wind.
Their satellites are falling from the skies and they don’t know why. Their poisons are not having their anticipated effects.

All the wars they planned aren’t happening.

They begin to wake up from their drunkenness, and they are surprised that nothing is as they thought it was.

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