Explanation of the dangers of the vaccine. Excellent short video to share with those who still believe the vaccine is a good idea and may be going back for more or are being pressured into their first death shot

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com | Oct 3 2021

Many of us still have family and friends who still think the vaccine is a good idea.

Some have not got the vaccine yet and are about to, due to increasing threats at their workplace and from satanic politicians.

Many have taken the jab once and feel like they have no problems with it and are about to go back for more.

I know they think we are crazy and it’s hard to keep trying to convince them. And many are even hating us for it. But for their sake we must keep trying to awaken them.

We must keep providing them with the truth, so they don’t get any further vaccines or be bullied into their first. This video is a good one to share with them. Not to technical and easily understandable.

Keep pressing truth warriors.

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