No Relief from Toxic Mass-Jabbing Madness in the US and Israel

No Relief from Toxic Mass-Jabbing Madness in the US and Israel
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

The books were cooked for mass-extermination in the US/West and Israel before seasonal flu was deceptively renamed covid as part of a pre-planned diabolical plot against public health.

In the US a day after thousands of New York City teachers sought help from the Supreme Court to stay employed unjabbed with protecting their health in mind, injustice-supporting Justice Sonia Sotomayor matched the extremism of Biden regime genocidists by denying their emergency appeal.

Nearly 150,000 NYC teachers were ordered by mayor de Blasio to self-inflict harm or get fired.

They were given until 5:00PM Friday to get at least one jab, a follow-up one mandated, along with a booster when approved by the FDA for near-everyone nationwide.

Attorney for NYC teachers Vinoo Varghese expressed disappointment about the hostile-toward-public health ruling, adding:

“(T)he fight for our clients’ due process and those similarly situated will go on.”

In August, right-wing extremist Justice Barrett denied an emergency appeal from Indiana University students to block mandated jabs that flagrantly breach international and constitutional law.

It’s been clear since before toxic mass-jabbing began last December that medical tyranny arrived full-blown in most US states and communities.

With Biden regime, congressional and Supreme Court support for mass-extermination by toxic jabs — designed for this purpose — the rule of law as it should be no longer protects.

It’s no longer a shield against injustice. The highest US court in the land rejects the notion.

Actions by the US political/judicial establishment have nothing to do with protecting and preserving public health.

They have everything to do with destroying it, along with eliminating remaining vestiges of freedom already virtually gone.

Tyranny arrived in the US/West unannounced, the rule of law abolished.

Notably, “Equal Justice Under Law” words that adorn the Supreme Court’s west facade defy its history of supporting powerful interests over the general welfare.

The same goes for its “Justice, the Guardian of Liberty” motto.

What’s true about the highest US court applies in like fashion to its legislators and executive branch.

Serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of most others, they’re criminally complicit in going all-out to irreversibly harm maximum numbers of unwitting people at home and abroad with health-destroying jabs.

From inception, the US was always ruled by figures who lie, connive, misinterpret and pretty much do what they please for their own self-interest and powerful constituents.

Yet never before did things go remotely as far as now — from sea to shinning sea.

Draconian extremism in Israel went further than the US so far — though the latter is sure to catch up.

The Bennett regime exceeded the worst of Netanyahu’s lawless rule so far.

Flu/covid green passes that show proof of toxic double-jabbing with Pfizer’s health-destroying mRNA drug are required for access to public places.

On Sunday, ones issued expire. Reissuance requires a third dose six months after the second one to more greatly harm health than two alone.

At this time, about 1.5 million eligible Israelis haven’t been triple-jabbed.

New green passes include a digital code that public and private businesses, as well as venues, are supposed to scan to determine the holder’s eligibility for entry into their space.

Triple-jabbed Israelis must wait a week before becoming eligible for a new pass.

Israelis who contracted flu/covid and can prove they fully recovered are eligible for a new one that’s valid for six months from date of issuance.

Thereafter, another jab is required for access to public places.

At this time, jabbing of Israeli children under age-12 was not approved.

Green pass eligibility requires them to be regularly PCR-tested even though results whether positive or negative are scientifically invalid.

An alternative option is taking a rapid antigen test.

The result if negative is valid only for 24 hours.

The Bennett regime said it will approve toxic jabs for children young as five once the Pharma-controlled FDA approves their use for US children this young.

At this time, Israeli infants and children aged-three and younger are exempt from the above requirements.

For older Israelis, green passes expire six months after issuance, another toxic jab required for renewal.

Green passes in the country are required by many employers and virtually all institutions of higher education.

They’re also mandated for access to sporting and cultural events, conference and exhibit spaces, hotels, gyms and fitness establishments, swimming pools, country clubs, places of worship with more than 50 individuals inside, event halls, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, libraries, tourist attractions, and amusement parks.

Police are empowered to enforce jabbing rules by checking pass eligibility before permitting entry.

Current green pass holders must have one reissued as of Sunday as explained above.

All of the above has nothing to do with protecting public health.

Jabs, rejabs, and boosters with likely mandating forever-jabs ahead are all about inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of Israelis with eliminating unwanted ones in mind.

The aim of draconian Jewish state policy is much the same as what’s going on in the US/West.

Their ruling regimes want similar policies instituted worldwide with extermination of unwanted billions of people in mind.

Ignoring science, the Bennett regime’s health ministry falsely claimed that toxic Pfizer mRNA jabs are 90% effective in preventing infection from delta that’s no more scariant than other viral strains.

After later downgrading their nonexistent effectiveness to 40%, a process of forever-jabbing every six months began.

Left unexplained to Israelis and their Western counterparts is that the more jabs gotten, the greater the irreversible harm to health, the sooner they’ll die from multiple doses of toxins.

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