Toxic Jabs Harm, Natural Immunity Prevents Infection

Toxic Jabs Harm, Natural Immunity Prevents Infection
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Days earlier, participants in a Stop the Shot conference denounced medical tyranny in the US since last year — especially since toxic mass-jabbing began.

Hospitals are involved in what’s going on by following health-destroying protocols over known safe and effective flu/covid treatments.

If contract the viral illness, hospitalization may be hazardous to recovery — a shocking indictment of what medicine that’s polar opposite what it should be all about.

According to international law and medical ethics, prioritizing the health, well-being and fundamental rights of patients is mandated over all other considerations.

On all things flu/covid, what’s going on breaches this core principle.

A Truth for Health Foundation conference denounced the practice of using dangerous drugs and expensive treatments by hospitals over life-saving protocols.

Patients at times need legal help to get safe and effective treatments over health-destroying alternatives.

Truth for Health Foundation’s head Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD denounced “the failure of hospitals to carry out the basic fundamental patient right in all of their forms on admission, the patient’s right to request treatment, and the patient’s family advocates — the power of attorney rights — to ensure that they get that treatment according to their wishes.”

South Carolina attorney Lauren Martel found that many hospitals in the state follow unsafe, ineffective flu/covid treatment protocols.

The practice “interferes directly with the doctor and patient relationship for informed consent and decisions on (the) right to try medications and how to proceed (in) treating individuals,” she stressed, adding:

“…I personally…observe(ed) that there(’s) manipulation of the pharmaceutical market to promote only one set of protocols that has an 80% failure rate.”

“If (use) this protocol, you’re going to have people die.”

“I now tell people we’re at war, and the leviathan of the administrative state has infiltrated our hospital system.”

“It infiltrated our education system” — all of the above with diabolical ill intentions in mind.

Analyst Graham Ledger denounced hospitals for abandoning their mandate to aid flu/covid patients fully recover.

Instead, they’re “toeing the line of exactly what the government tells them to do.”

What’s going on is “an unholy…unconstitutional response by (US) hospitals.”

They’re mistreating flu/covid patients instead of the other way around.

Most deaths from the viral illness aren’t from contracting it.

They’re from health-destroying treatment protocols followed by hospitals, following orders from a higher authority with mass-extermination in mind.

In early September, inventor of mRNA technology Robert Malone MD stressed that “natural immunity (from having contracted and recovered from flu/covid) is about 20 times more protective than” jabs — that pretend to protect but don’t.

Hazardous to health Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs risk heart inflammation, autoimmune reactions, and other adverse events, Malone warned, adding:

Hazardous spike proteins they contain are “biologically active and could travel from the injection site” to all bodily organs, making them “very dangerous.”

We’re now “liv(ing) with the consequences” of what’s been permitted that’s contrary to how medicine should be practiced.

The spike protein “is a (harmful to health) toxin.”

Because he repeatedly warned about RNA hazards to health from jabs, his expertise is ignored.

Nothing remotely justifies what’s going on.

It’s all about assuring mass-casualties, including deaths from toxins designed to destroy health.

On Monday, posted the following, saying:

“We’re a year and a half into (what’s gone on since early last year), and what we should be focusing on is people’s level of immunity…”

“That’s the way out of it. It’s not by (mass-jabbing) people…forcing (ones) who have health risks to get (jabbed) so that they can go to work…”

“It’s just crazy. It’s crazy and it violates the Constitution.”

“Your right to bodily autonomy and bodily integrity is not a matter of majority vote…”

“(I)t’s not a matter (of) determin(ing) whether somebody has a right to be free from an involuntary medical activity.”

Under international law — that’s US constitutional law — all things health related require voluntary consent.

Going the other way is a flagrant breach of our rights.

It’s crucial to reject and challenge what no one should tolerate.

A Final Comment includes testimonies from mass-jabbing victims and loved ones of those killed by toxins they contain.

Dr. Hari Harini, aged-26, is one of many tragedies MSM ignore, a statement saying the following:

“Dr. Hari Harini

Rest In Peace ❤ 26 years old, died following a (flu/covid jab).

She felt unwell and her doctor husband administered pain medication for her, but she passed hours later at the hospital.”

She’s one of many millions harmed, tens of thousands killed by jabs with diabolical aims in mind.

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