QFS In South Africa.

QFS In South Africa.
Simon Parkes / simonparkes


This went down in South Africa yesterday, SOUTH AFRICA’S HIGHEST COURT SET TO FREE THE CONTINENT FROM THE NEW WORLD ORDER & THE CENTRAL BANK https://www.trevorwinchell.com/AmericanPatriotsForum/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=5211&sid=b371b375eef0870422491b8a5f3ddb54.

I watched it live on my phone filmed from the steps of our governments head office on a Youtube livestream via Australia. The sound was windy as it was all mobile phones but they read out the 120 page damning document proving the existence of the White Spiritual Boy and Swissindo stolen gold from Africa and issued a press release here https://griquas.com/gold.pdf and here https://griquas.com/wma.pdf.

No doubt MSM will cover nothing of it and it’s difficult to say what will happen but we cannot deny SOMETHING big is going down.

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