Sunday Fake News on Parade

Sunday Fake News on Parade
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

MSM misinformation and disinformation fake news is an every day thing and always on US Sunday talk shows.

Mind-numbing manipulation and suppression of what’s crucial to know is their hard-wired fare.

Why anyone chooses to follow news and views to deceive, not inform, is for them to explain.

October 3 was no exception — especially with CBS Fake News giving fraudster Fauci a platform again to deceive viewers on Face the Nation.

Since the mid-1980s, he’s been a charlatan/profiteer on all things health-related who should have faced the music for decades of criminality gone unpunished.

Straightaway on Sunday he nodded agreement with the Big Lie about a pandemic that doesn’t exist, except for the jabbed — fake news about the worst ever with a record number of US lives lost from flu/covid (sic).

Reality is worlds apart from what’s willfully and maliciously misreported to mind-manipulate refuseniks to self-inflict harm like their toxic-jabbed counterparts.

Children aged-11 and younger aside, most Americans remain unjabbed.

Among jabbed ones, most haven’t been double-jabbed.

Fauci and likeminded fraudsters pretend otherwise, falsely claiming that “70 million” Americans of jab-able age haven’t gotten one or more doses of toxins designed to destroy health and kill.

They’re frantic. It’s why they show up daily in print, online and on television, including always on Sunday as part of a state-sponsored/MSM full court press for far greater numbers of Americans to self-inflict harm.

Fauci unwittingly spilled the beans, saying: “(W)e’ve got to keep pushing on the (mass-jabbing) front.”

If over two-thirds of Americans were jabbed at least once, most twice, “pushing” wouldn’t be anywhere near as intense as what’s going on with no let-up.

The so-called “deadly virus” they fill the airwaves about is garden variety flu/influenza that shows up annually with no accompanying fear-mongering mass-deception histrionics — except since last year, since diabolical dark forces renamed it.

Always left unexplained by fraudster Fauci et al is that jabs increase outbreaks by shedding and spreading toxins to others, along with increasing numbers of so-called breakthrough infections.

Unjabbed individuals and others with natural immunity are profoundly safest of all — in stark contrast to irreversibly harmed jabbed ones.

If Fauci had things his way, forever-jabbing would be mandated for everyone everywhere targeted for elimination by the US/Western criminal class until mass-extermination goals were reached.

He’s for punishing refuseniks, saying:

“(I)f you (don’t) get (jabbed), you’re not going to work or you’re not going to be able to go to school,” adding:

The invented/fake “nature of what we’re dealing with (sic) actually does justify that (sic).”

He supports toxic jabbing of schoolchildren from kindergarten through grade-12 — “agree(ing)” with what the Newsom regime mandated in California once poisoning kids is approved by the FDA.

He repeated the Big Lie claim of “an unprecedented number of deaths and infections in this country (sic).”

He endorsed Merck’s new jab in pill form for flu/covid.

Fast-tracked and inadequately tested, its toxicity likely matches the worst of what’s been mass-jabbed into millions of Americans and countless millions more abroad.

What Fauci calls “good news” harmed many millions of people, including many thousands fatally.

What he falsely called the “easiest way to not get in a hospital and not die is to not get infected” is the other way around.

Jabs assure irreversible harm to health, the more gotten the greater the harm.

What the Biden regime’s fraudster-in-chief on all things health-related pushes is crucial to shun.

Going along with what he urges virtually assures harm to health and shortened lifespans.

A special place in hell awaits him and co-conspirators involved in wanting public health destroyed in the US and abroad.

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