Doctor Performs Blood and Immune System Test Before and After COVID Vaccination,

Doctor Performs Blood and Immune System Test Before and After COVID Vaccination,
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Dr. Nathan Thompson was approached by a long-term patient, we will call him Mr. Smith, who was being forced by his employer to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Mr. Smith and Dr. Thompson have a long history together, as the doctor helped his patient change his lifestyle and eliminate Mr Smith’s type-2 diabetes.

Because Mr. Smith has a long history of blood tests to form the baseline for his healthy immune system; and because the patient was being forced to take the COVID-19 vaccination; Dr. Thompson and Mr. Smith decided to take comparison blood tests after the first shot and after the second shot to see if/ how the patient’s blood-work was impacted by the vaccine. The doctor states his, “Jaw dropped after seeing the blood test results following the second shot.”

The results alarmed Doctor Thompson so much, with the patient’s permission, Thompson felt compelled to record this video and share the results. Overall, the blood-work showed a massive negative impact to the natural immune system of the patient. Because his patient is now more at risk after the vaccination, Dr. Thompson is left with multiple questions; including how long will this vaccine-induced autoimmune compromise last in his patient? WATCH:

This video is not expected to last long. Watch while you can.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect is the specifics of the weakened immune system making the patient more vulnerable to ordinary cancers.

Dr. Nathan Thompson – Tests the blood of one of his patients Before and After the vaccines – Blood results show after the vaccine the patient’s adaptive immune system has “tanked”

Based on the Blood Results after the vaccine the numbers suggest the patient now has Autoimmunity – with much less ability to fight off cancer cells or any other virus.

Before the vaccine his Lymphocyte reading was 33.8% After 2nd vaccine 13.8%

Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell. They’re an important part of your immune system. About 20% to 40% of your white blood cells are lymphocytes.

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