ILLEGAL: Covid Lockdowns, shutdowns, fines and Vaccine coercion: Politicians and police are breaking the law | Clear Understanding Of Human Rights Law, the criminal and financial liability of each person violating these laws, and solutions how to hold them accountable | Human rights legislation is individual liability

Dylan Eleven | | Oct 9 2021

With police shutting down or fining business and individuals, human rights taken away illegally and coercion to get a deadly experimental vaccine with consequences if we don’t. We need a clear way to understand our rights and what we can do legally to fight back.

All of the covid measures, restrictions, vaccine mandates and vaccine coercion are illegal, unconstitutional, criminal, immoral, irrational, and insane.

There are many laws and rights in each country, protecting us from human rights violations and coerced vaccinations. This article is explained using Canadian examples as the interview was in Canada. However it completely applies to many countries who also signed onto international laws and conventions on human rights. The information and strategy is the same in each country. Simply find your countries law or act that aligns them with the international law explained in this article.

So this is for everyone, not just Canadians.

We also have the Nuremberg code on our side, when it comes to the right to refuse any medical treatment without consequence.

The police and government are breaking the law in many of our countries. We cannot let them to continue to break the law. Because if we do, the next step is extermination camps and forced deadly vaccines. Just as illegal as what they are doing now.

It is a big subject, and when standing in-front of a police officer trying to violate your rights, or judge or boss at work, having a clear quick complete response, defense and offence, is very beneficial. We will update our ‘Quick reference guide covid and our rights PDF’ to include the following legal information.

Yesterday we posted an Canadian interview, the Iron will show: interviewing Stewart Staudinger

This is very important part of our legal, verbal, and written defence and offence.

Stewart, who presented this information, has done a lot of research to bring this to the top of the legal list as a way to protect ourselves. Using international law and our country specific alignments to it.

You can view the video here:

The legal information provided was very clear and very helpful in these current times. We have documented it below, so we can all reference this as needed.

In the interview they explain exactly how covid measures, mandates, restrictions, closures, fines and vaccine coercion violates our human rights protected by the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms and the crimes against humanity and war crimes act.

As we have documented in previous articles the Canadian charter’s first sentence states the charter can not be violated unless it is demonstrably justified by an emergency. This was not done. Not even attempted to do so. Therefore it stands.

In addition we have the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act. This act is the focus of this article.

The crimes against humanity and war crimes act is is an important part of our illegal strategy to take individually and collectively.

Police and government officials need to know this law applies to them and this is how we can get them to stop these illegal orders being carried out.

This is a peacefully strategy based upon The Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes Act and the Rome Statute.

1. Understand the crimes against humanity and war crimes act, the Rome statute, international law and how they are breaking the law.

2. Have that information on you if they try to break the law with you. You can warn them that you are aware of your rights. Aware their actions are illegal, and explain to them they have personal liability for violating the law.

3. If your rights are violated, the process to hold police or whoever is violating or has violated your rights, accountable.

4. A strategy to inform your local government of their liability and the fact that they are breaking the law. Explaining to them the penalty is life in prison.

5. And a strategy for our government officials to take to stop the illegal orders being followed by police.

This article can be altered based upon the laws of your country. The person in the interview was from Canada. So this information is specific to Canada, but is based upon local and international laws and can easily be altered to your country by finding the laws that align your country with the Rome Statute.

These are two documents we will be referring to:

The Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act

The Rome Statute

And this information is from the Iron will show: Stewart Staudinger

Canadian and international Law, Covid-19 Measures and Vaccine Coercion

International law regarding human rights was ratified 21 years ago in Canada.

Canadian law was introduced to bring Canada in line with international law, on human rights, 7 Comventions including the Rome Statute. Many other countries signed on also so this applies directly to them. Simply find the act where it aligns with the Rome statute and the following applies to you.

Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act

Section 1

What is customary international law and what Canada signed up for. 7 Conventions including the Rome Statute. Again each country that signed onto the Rome statute will have its own version of this. The principle is the same and the strategy is the same for each country.

Section 4

If you commit an act in violation of one of those customary international laws it is a criminal act in Canada. Subject to life in prison as stipulated in section 1.

The ICCPR International Law | The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Article 1.

It is illegal to remove people’s means of subsistence.

Except in a national emergency involving a direct threat to the nation. Such a s a war. Where the country is overrun by a foreign military, they could close a gas station down to move the family from the fighting near by.

That is the only exemption. Medical emergency does not qualify.

Section 13

It is not a defense to claim you were following a domestic law or order at the time of the commission of the offense.

This means if you follow a Canadian law that contravenes the one of those international laws that falls under section 4 of the crimes against humanity and war crimes act it is a criminal offense and you can’t use the domestic law or order in your defense.

So if you close someone’s business you have committed a crime medical emergencies do not count.

2. Secondly we look at specifically the vaccine mandate and forced vaccines;

The MRNA vaccines are a gene therapy and are still experimental.

Article 7 ICCPR | The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

You can NEVER Coercively or fraudulently enrol someone in a medical or scientific experiment. No exceptions. No matter what the emergency. EVER.

This current political positioning is dangerous because it puts officers in a position that they are violating the law if they back up a health agency directive, doing whatever the health agency asks X, Y or Z . But if they don’t break the law they will be fired.

We need to speak to the police individually, and find a way to get through to the command chain.

The government is not going to back off, if they do they will go to jail.

Nuremberg trials principal 4 specifically says it is not a valid defense that you were following orders. It also states people have the right to give informed consent. And they can refuse any medical treatment without consequences. Any violation of this carries the penalty of death.

The command chain knows the individual officer is liable and breaking the law. And they knowingly send them out to perform these illegal orders. They have no loyalty to the police. Wake up boys and girls in blue.

The command chain is willing to sacrifice police. They need to understand this. The police need to understand they have been put in a position that they are performing illegal acts and are personally liable. Both financially and criminally.

Human rights laws hold the individual responsible.

Resistance is a key strategy so police must excpect great resistance. Therefore police are put in the position where they are in the wrong legally, committing criminal acts that they are liable for personally, and faced with putting the population into a place where the best strategy for the people is to resist.

As history has shown, the best way to stop this genocide is to resist. For example; 25% of Leningrad was arrested one winter, if people had resisted, he would’ve run out of agents in a week.


Police need to be told that they are breaking the law, human rights law, Canadian law and international law. They have no legal defence. They are personally liable, criminally and financially. The penalty for violating section 4 of the crimes against Humanity and war crimes act, as stated in section 1, is life in prison.

If a police officer breaks the law and violates section 4 of the crimes against humanity and war crimes act. For example; shutting down someone’s business, giving out fines specifically for COVID-19 measures, or trying to coerce anyone to have a vaccination, based upon the international law, and Canadian law the have committed a criminal act subject to life in prison.

The process to hold police accountable is:

1. File a criminal complaint at the police station under section 4 of the crimes against humanity act. This is a serious offense.

2. File a complaint with the human rights commission

3. For fines and shutting down of business you can hold them personally responsible for financial losses file a civil suit against them for criminal damages and you can put a lien on their house and their car etc.

We should not be having to hold the police accountable for breaking the law.

But if faced with police, making them aware that we can hold them accountable, and their actions are illegal, may deter them from fining you, or closing down your business, or violating your human rights.

Police should not do any job or follow any order that deeply immoral and is in violation of Canadian or international law. They have the right to refuse these orders and if they get fired for it they could sue.


Another group of people we need to tell they are liable, and face a life sentence, is local government.

They are responsible for your area personally also. If violations of section 4 happen under their watch they are responsible and liable financially and criminally, facing a life sentence as stated in section 1.

If these local government officials know what the law is and if it comes to trial, they will come for the town counsellors. And they are liable. The town can then tell the police, you’re on your own with these illegal orders, and they do not have the back up from the town.


The process that should be done is a lawyer at the government level, talking to the cabinet, to the health minister, to the Premier, the solicitor General and the justice minister; and say “this is illegal, these people (the police) work for us (some crown corporation AHS or something) they are not going to break the law on our watch and on our turf. Over to you solicitor General”….

At which point the solicitor General, sends out a letter to the heads of the crown corporation or private corporation saying you do not get to enforce these illegal mandates, fines and closures in people and you cannot coerce or fraudulently enroll them in a medical or scientific experiment ever.

Human rights legislation is individual liability. There is no such thing as corporate liability.

No one can turn around and sue the crown corporation such as AHS, who run the police, for closing down your business or violating human rights. This is key:

The people responsible are;

1. The person who made the decision,

2. The person that gave the order

3. The person that carried out the order.

They are all legally liable for their illegal actions, not the corporation they work for.

Local laws do not overrule the international conventions our countries signed. Therefore the police and politicians are committing criminal acts.

I bet if they fully understood that they have every legal right to stand with the people and refuse illegal orders That go against not only against our constitutions, the Nuremberg code and country specific alignments to international laws such as Canada’s crimes against humanity and war crimes act. They would feel better about organizing within the ranks and challenging the chain of command to not put them in that position.

In addition to the crimes against humanity and war crimes act there is the Nuremberg Code, and other laws. We Will put them all in one place a new PDF and put this out soon.

If we all do what is suggested in this video. Tell all cops and politicians they are personally liable for breaking the law and face life in prison.

Also tell them we understand the position they have been put in, but we are all being put in that position so our sympathy is limited.

They are not allowed to break the law. And if they do we will hold them accountable.

I think many more would join with the people if they know they are breaking the law, have no defence, and are personally liable.

Armed with the truth • United we stand


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