Gangster State USA

Gangster State USA
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

Earlier I wrote the following — slightly amended:

The US is an imperial state, a warrior state, a gangster state, a crime boss state, a totalitarian state, a debauched state, a surveillance state, a racist state, a fear-mongering/hate-mongering state — a state on a fast-track toward full-blown tyranny by eliminating what remains of core freedoms.

Its diabolical self-serving ruling class threatens most others everywhere.

Count the ways. State terrorism at home and abroad is called national defense and homeland security.

Democracy is pure fantasy, a notion abhorred by its ruling class, tolerated nowhere, especially not domestically where it’s virtually banned.

When so-called elections are held, they’re selections for virtually everyone permitted to hold high-level positions.

Trump was an aberration, but even he went along with most policies just societies abhor and don’t tolerate.

He was replaced for diverging in part from the diabolical mass-extermination plan by toxic mass-jabbing.

Undemocratic Dems embraced the unparalleled genocidal plan with relish.

So they were elevated to power by the most brazen election fraud in US history, what only crazed despots could love.

Monied interests in the country never had things better, profiting from harming others at home and abroad.

Most Americans are either impoverished or bordering it.

One-fourth of working-age Americans are jobless, based on how data were calculated pre-1990.

The world’s richest country doesn’t give a damn about the vast majority of its people — exploiting, ill-serving and otherwise harming them ruthlessly in deference to special interests they support and themselves.

Post-9/11, especially since seasonal flu was renamed covid, gangsterism became the law of the land — remnants of the rule of law eliminated.

Nations with mandates for toxic, health-destroying, flu/covid jabs for any segments of their society are in flagrant breach of core international law.

Hegemon USA is the world’s leading offender for plotting the above long ago in cahoots with other Western nations, their anti-public health handmaidens, and MSM co-conspirators.

It was done with the most evil of diabolical aims in mind — mass-extermination of unwanted people and modern-day enslavement of most others under ruler/serf society rules no one should tolerate.

The power of mind-manipulating, MSM proliferated propaganda got most people to go along with unwittingly self-inflicting harm — on the phony pretext of self-protection.

The road to hell is paved with ill-intentions of the nation’s ruling class, resisters and truth-tellers like Julian Assange threatened most of all.

Truth-telling journalism is at risk of being banned and criminalized.

Half a century ago, Martin Luther King called America “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today.”

It’s ongoing in numerous ways at home and abroad — toxic mass-jabbing for unparalleled genocide the most extreme example.

In the US alone, countless millions have been irreversibly harmed so far, hundreds of thousands eliminated.

Far more of the same is certain without mass rebellion against what no one should tolerate.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported 27,247 fatalities, and 2,563,768 injuries from toxic jabs through September 25.

True numbers are many multiples higher, what should be reported suppressed.

The same goes for unprecedented US coverup and denial.

VAERS data showing 778,685 adverse events, including 16,310 deaths through October 1 is less than 1% of the true toll — based on HHS analysis.

Virtually all jabbed Americans were harmed, double and booster-jabbed ones harmed most of all.

Hundreds of thousands likely perished since mass-jabbing began last December.

The toll of injuries and deaths continue mounting exponentially as long as kill shots are administered daily.

On Friday, a Pharma-controlled FDA panel endorsed a second jab of J & J’s one and done entry into the mass-jabbing sweepstakes.

The move is all about accelerating mass-extermination, along with boosting company sales and profits — on the phony pretext of providing extra protection.

The FDA’s so-called advisory panel — staffed with Pharma-linked elements — voted unanimously for a second J & J jab to be administered at least two months after the initial one and done kill shot.

According to Pharma-connected panel member Paul Offit:

“(T)his…was always a two-dose (regimen)” — J & J deception about one alone left unexplained.

Rubber-stamping approval of what panel members endorsed is virtually certain — at a time of a pandemic of the jabbed, not the other way around.

Toxic mass-jabbing is the virtual law of the land throughout the US/West.

Everything claimed about benefits from going along with what everyone should shun is fake news mass deception.

A Final Comment

On October 16 at 1:00PM EDT, a rally will be held on Broadway between 41st and 42nd streets in support of voluntary consent on all things health related as mandated under international and US constitutional law.

Speakers include Children’s Health Defense founder Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and CHD president Mary Holland.

JFK, Jr. explained what I stressed time and again earlier.

It’s up to “ordinary people (to) rescue us from tyranny,” Kennedy adding:

“We can say No to compliance with jabs for work, No to sending children to school with forced testing and masking…”

Say “No to censored (conventional and) social media platforms…”

“No to buying products from the companies bankrupting and seeking to control us.”

“These actions are not easy, but living with the consequences of inaction would be far harder.”

“By calling on our moral courage, we can stop this march towards a global police state” and unparalleled genocide by toxic jabs designed for this purpose.

It’s our health, our choice, our lives, our welfare — our right to protect ourselves free from harmful government, MSM supported, mandates and recommendations.

International and constitutional law supports us.

Mass refusal to go along with the most diabolical scheme ever conceived by dark forces with their self-interest in mind is the only option.

It’s how to beat their bioweapon jabs into plowshares

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