Satanic ritual abuse survivor Jeanette Archer exposing the satanic Queen at Windsor Castle – ‘They are Reptilians’. | Updated

Satanic ritual abuse survivor Jeanette Archer exposing the satanic Queen at Windsor Castle – ‘They are Reptilians’
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Jeanette Archer‘s utterly bold, fearless public speech lasting around 50 minutes, made outside Windsor Castle no less, one of the homes of the Queen. It was made on or around October 12.

This isn’t a woman trying to convince us of anything; she’s here to wake us up.

Why Windsor Castle? Because that is where she was frequently tortured and raped between the ages of 3 to approximately 9, driven from her family home to the Castle by a surprising source, who would be the first to rape her. She was relatively exceptional in that she was tagged, literally, to remain alive after these ‘events’.

We are not going to provide lurid, sordid and quite disgusting details in print because that could prevent readers from listening to what is a remarkable presentation that needs to be experienced.

What is compelling about this is the way she puts it all together in one narrative, one life of experience, with powerful details. The claims she makes – all of them, in fact – have been reported through many sources we’ve listened to over the last couple of years, revealing a kind of playbook at work. Readers may be familiar with satanic ritual abuse, torture and trafficking survivors such as Jessie Czebotar (who recently lost her 17 year old son in suspicious circumstances), Madyson Marquette, or MK Ultra survivors such as Cathy O’Brien. Like Archer, they are all eloquent and lucid spokespeople for the horrors they have endured, often having done so BECAUSE OF the complicity of their own families.

Archer reveals details about the Queen and Prince Philip that confirm David Icke’s longstanding claims (and the Queen Mother, too), but we’re going to leave you to figure out what that is. [reptiles]

Readers may be familiar with a 3-minute video taken ostensibly by a tourist around Buckingham Palace, which captured a naked teenager scrambling out of one of its windows. See this brief report with video from a 2019 Covert Geopolitics post, EXPOSED: Child Escaping from Buckingham Palace Naked.

The spokesman for the Great Reset gets a dishonorable mention in Archer’s video.

We agree with those who are wondering if the Queen is still alive for this type of event to have taken place without removal and censorship by the authorities.


Here are some of the topics Archer covers:

  • Role of the police and judges
  • Satanic events calendar (see this)
  • Queen as the head of freemasonry; what reaching the 33rd degree entails
  • The Queen’s role in these gruesome events; glitching
  • The dungeons and underground systems of Windsor, and other estates and key buildings, such as Buckingham Palace and Balmoral
  • ‘Hunting games,’ where perhaps only 1/10 children would remain alive vs. large mass rituals, at which Satan is worshipped and human sacrifice is made
  • Ritualized production of adrenochrome
  • Over 100,000 children went missing in the UK in 2020
  • Elite addiction to adrenochrome is a driving force
  • “Elle”‘s testimony from South Africa re. ‘The Project’, started in 1944 by Prince Philip, King George VI and Josef Mengele: a project to produce embryos created by ovum & sperm donated from particular royals, to breed children for a pure source of adrenochrome
  • Princess Diana, known to “Elle”
  • (2nd testimony) Area 51: a facility of over 140 levels, which supplies 80-90% of the world’s adrenochrome through ‘breeders’. Visitors included “Uncle” Klaus Schwab, “Uncle” Dick Cheney, William Casey, David Rockefeller Jr, George Bush, &etc. …

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