Site update: Recent Articles now displays 350

Dylan Eleven | |

We are upgrading the site adding features and upgrades, without changing things completely.

The reason why I have the structure of in this format is for easy access to main menu.

On the main menu we have:

Focus Articles

which go back to the start of This shows a timeline of events of the past 16 years. Most recent articles are first, going back in time 16 years to the first Focus Article. JFK Shadow Government Speech.

Recent Articles (New Updated)

This section now displays 350 articles, most recent first. It displayed 150 before.

Now it’s easier to keep scrolling and see more articles easier.

If you want more than 350 use the 1. All articles category.


Due to volume of articles we post, we are still updating the categories section. Some recent articles are not yet listed in the category section.

We have also changed the font colour and size to make it easier to read. Thanks to suggestions from a loyal reader also called Dylan.

More updates and improvements to come.

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