Video: Nurse Whistleblower: Vaccines & Remdesivir Are Killing and Maiming, Not Fake Variant

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An anonymous nurse whistleblower, ‘Sarah’, speaks to Stew Peters about what she’s seeing in the US hospital she works at regarding the injured patients coming in. Her general perception about who is injured and why confirms the impressions of UK funeral director John O’Looney that we reported on yesterday. See this video and report titled COVID ‘Medication’, Not The Virus, Triggers 250 Percent Death Rare Spurt

Here are some notes from this 14-minute video interview:

  • Peters: We were told hospitals were over run with Covid patients that were sick and dying. It was never true. Nurse: The overflow has been happening since the vaccination rollout; it was never Covid.
  • Nurse: Someone who presents with a group of symptoms referred to as Covid gets a PCR test and either goes to the main hospital floor (negative) or the isolation unit (positive). In the hospital, everyone takes the PCR test result as absolute truth. Even with no respiratory symptoms, a positive test result would see that person put in the isolation unit. So people who don’t have ‘Covid’ could still be put in there with Covid-infected people. Depending on oxygen-saturation levels, the Covid ICU is where everybody is gowned and gloved with few staff in there. They’re also put on Remdesivir – that is standard care. As well as ventilators. Most of them ‘do not do well’ and ‘pass away’. Patients put on Remdesivir typically not do well, and get kidney and heart issues.
  • Peters: Fauci and others at the national medical organizations already knew that Remdesivir (R) causes kidney problems and sends fluid to the lungs, the ventilator explodes. People are ‘drowning, essentially’. Nurse: Yes, this has been the standard medication since the beginning. There was a period over the summer where numbers were low, and R was combined with ivermectin for some patients. Now that’s been phased out and it’s R by itself. Patients did do better on ivermectin in her experience. With R, people get heart problems that they didn’t have before and develop kidney issues. Many patients go on dialysis for the first time.
  • Peters: Are doctors permitted or not to prescribe ivermectin? She doesn’t know.
  • Peters: Is there a test for the Delta variant? No. In fact, no notes from within the hospital or from outside such as a specialist’s office mention these words ‘Delta variant’. Only letters going out from the hospital administration to the staff mention this in relation to getting the vaccination. But no patients have been diagnosed with the Delta variant (DV). It’s all ‘Covid-19′. There’s no test for the DV. The patients’ actual clinical conditions haven’t changed since they started using this DV term. Has the number of sick people changed since using this term? No. There has not been an influx of patients recently. The only influx that the nurse has seen has beensince the vaccination rollout. It’s more vaccine-related injuries – blood clots, cardiac issues, neurological problems, balance issues, cognitive issues, aggressive behaviour, encephalopathy, etc., which are all different from the previous Covid. Right now, the majority of patients in her care are not Covid patients but vaccine-injured patients.
  • Peters: Are these injuries reported to the VAERS system? Nurse: I haven’t seen an instance of this. Staff or patients’ families who raise this topic are completely dismissed. Doctors don’t acknowledge that the patient’s injuries have anything to do with the vaccination, even if the injuries come immediately after. Doctors do not only not acknowledge the possibility of vaccine injury but they will stop you mid-sentence if you mention it.
  • Peters: We have suspected this all along.
  • Peters: Is it fair to say that the cases labelled ‘Covid-19’ or a ‘new Delta surge’ by the media are simply vaccinated people presenting with a variety of symptoms? Yes. For those medical staff who are aware, we say ‘the Delta variant is the vaccine injuries’. It’s common knowledge among those medical staff who are aware and not in denial.
  • Peters: To your knowledge, what % of people you work with would refuse this shot? About 50%. And these people will probably be terminated when the mandates come to her facility.
  • Peters: What’s the one big thing the public is being lied to about, what’s the reality in the hospitals that the media frenzy is covering up, what do you want people to know? Nurse: Stop watching the news – it is absolutely false. I would prefer to go 10 times through the original Covid problem (ER: we assume this was last year around March/April)than what we’ve seen with the vaccination rollout. The injuries, the loss of life, and loss of functioning such as breathing issues, etc. A lot of these people will not be leaving. We have people coming in who were caregivers to their families and they’re changed forever, and now their family is taking care of them. It’s horrific. This vaccine rollout is a nightmare, and the media is completely hiding what is going on with these vaccines.
  • Peters: Are the doctors pushing the vaccines on the patients who are there? Nurse: Yes. What’s sad is that doctors are aware of the effects of them. If we as nurses can see this, they can. But if you raise the topic, you are shut down.
  • Peters: Why do you think this is? Are the doctors getting paid? Nurse: We don’t know. It’s an unwritten rule that you can’t talk about it; the administration is pushing this on the staff. And we’re helpless.
  • Peters: Doctors swear a hippocratic oath… Yet over the vaccine issue, they are not following it and instead are acting in a way which harms patients. Nurse: Yes. I no longer trust doctors’ care.Some patients come in after only one dose, and they’re being talked into getting the 2ndonce they leave the hospital. It’s insane. So she tells the patients not to do this.
  • Peters: So patients like this are shut away within the hospital, being denied family and advocates, being denied the treatment they are requesting (ER: could this be ivermectin?) and basically being given a death sentence. ‘This looks like murder for money to me.’

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