Biden Regime Scheme to Mass-Poison Young Kids

Biden Regime Scheme to Mass-Poison Young Kids
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

On Wednesday, a Biden regime “fact sheet” explained its scheme to irreversibly harm millions of US kids aged-5 – 11 and shorten their lifespan on the phony pretext of protecting them from seasonal flu now deceptively called covid.

The health, well-being, future and lives of around 28 million young children are threatened by the diabolical scheme to harm them with deadly toxins.

It’s up to parents nationwide to protect their offspring by shunning what no one should tolerate.

Mass-poisoning kids will begin as soon as the Pharma-controlled FDA and CDC rubber-stamp approval of the diabolical scheme with mass-extermination and maximum profit-making in mind.

As part of its mass deception campaign, the Biden regime falsely called the scheme “another major milestone in our efforts to build on this historic progress and protect even more Americans (sic).”

What’s intended is polar opposite the above whopper of a Big Lie.

Countless others like it on this and other major issues define the most pure evil regime in US history — far exceeding the highest of high crimes against humanity committed by its predecessors.

Wanting mass-poisoning of young kids fast-tracked, toxic jabs will be widely distributed.

According to AP News, they’ll be administered by pediatricians, other doctors, pharmacies “and potentially at schools…in a matter of weeks,” adding:

“More than 25,000 pediatricians and primary care providers have already signed on to dispense (toxic jabs) to elementary school children, the White House said, in addition to the tens of thousands of drugstores that are already administering shots to adults.”

“Hundreds of school-and community-based clinics will also be funded and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help speed the process.”

“Within hours of formal approval,” mass-poisoning of young kids will begin post haste.

The diabolical scheme is to fully-jab maximum numbers of young kids with deadly toxins by or before Christmas.

In the run-up to and after rolling out the scheme, mass deception propaganda is selling it to parents.

Fraudster surgeon general Vivek Murthy is heavily involved in pushing the diabolical plan.

He lied claiming that flu now called covid “disrupted our kids’ lives.”

Biden regime pure evil flu/covid policies are responsible for unparalleled harm to countless millions of people, including kids — especially health-destroying jabs.

Murthy lied claiming that protecting kids requires jabbing them — with deadly toxins he left unexplained.

Fauci lied claiming that jabbing young kids is “necessary (sic).”

Days earlier, the imposter in the White House pushed deadly kill shots for young kids, saying:

“Now I know parents, uh…out there are anxiously waiting for a (health-destroying jab) for children ages five to eleven (sic).”

“The good news (sic) is, the FDA and outside experts from the CDC are set to make its determination as to whether the (kill shots) will be authorized for that age range in the next few weeks.”

“We are ready” — to accelerate mass-extermination, he left unexplained.

“We have purchased enough (kill shots) for all children between the ages of 5 and 11 in the US.”

“Families will be able to sleep easier at night knowing their kids are protected (sic).”

Virtually everything about all things flu/covid are with mass-extermination and pushing the envelope for social control tyranny in mind — on the phony pretext of protecting ordinary people at home and abroad.

What the diabolical scheme is all about is suppressed, MSM complicit with what’s going on by refusing to explain it.

Flu/covid jabs destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting it.

The more jabs gotten, the more damage caused.

Countless millions in the US/West and elsewhere were already harmed, hundreds of thousands killed — in a matter of few months.

The health and lives of billions of people worldwide are up for grabs with eliminating them in mind.

The only option is mass rebellion against the most diabolical mass-extermination scheme ever conceived.

Survival depends on it.

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