Ivermectin One Of The Worlds Safest Drugs

You will NOT BELIEVE THIS. Listen to the whole thing, only 3:51 minutes long. In of all places at this time! In Australia they completed a study on…. “eye-vermectin”

In of all places at this time!
In Australia they completed a study on….
“eye-vermectin” (Ivermectin / Ivermectine / Ivermectina)

You will find it here on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines list. It is one of the worlds safest drugs. It was discovered in a grass sample, it is a naturally occurring thing albeit we do synthesize it as the man who took the sample and isolated it was the only one to this date to ever have found this in nature. He (Satoshi Ōmura) went on to win a Nobel Prize with a colleague (William C. Campbell) in 2015.


Every “Health Authority” in the USA and Canada and really the world must stop the obstruction of it’s use immediately.

People say trust the science, I say listen to their silence on the science.


Original Article: https://breaking-news.ca/you-will-not-believe-this-listen-to-the-whole-thing-only-351-minutes-long-in-of-all-places-at-this-time-in-australia-they-completed-a-study-on-eye-vermectin/

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