Ivanka Trump is Klaus Schwab’s Agent

Ivanka Trump is Klaus Schwab’s Agent
Henry Makow

young-achievers.jpgIvanka Trump is a “young global leader” just like Jacinda Adern and Mark Zuckerberg. She was her father’s “special advisor.” Politics is a charade.

They groom and elect our leaders for us.

Ivanka could be President one day. Make us believe they represent us, like her father did. It’s all a scam.

They’re not hiding it any more.

They choose people who will take orders from them. They choose traitors, opportunists and perverts. They choose Satanists.

(seen on Gab.com)

Original Article: https://henrymakow.com/2021/10/ivanka-trump-is-klaus-schwabs-.html

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