Independent media is at war for humanity without corporate backing | To Help All Independent Media | Small donations go a long way!

Dylan Eleven | | Oct 31 2021

Independent media is at war for humanity without corporate backing. All independent media sites combined globally are a force of truth in a world of lies and the stakes are high for everyone on the planet.

Genocidal maniacs are funded by pharma and put on TV. The masses are brainwashed. They need to be given the truth so they can make informed choices.

We in independent media, work around the clock for for little or no pay, working with a common goal; to free humanity with the truth.

Small donations by lots of people are an amazing way to help independent media sites. Not just but any independent media site.

Small one time donations or small monthly donations of $1 can create enough support for an independent media site to build and maintain an infrastructure that allows them to work, cover costs and survive themselves.

Journalists who speak the truth are not paid, they are silenced in the salary paying main stream media. For the truth journalist, main stream media is not an option. Therefore financial support is not easily available.

A small monthly donation takes a minute to set up, it is safe and very effective support for independent journalists and news outlets.

Truth journalists, silenced in the main stream, without pay was a strategy to silence the truth. They thought if we had no corporate pay cheque we would not report at all. They were wrong. We have worked and reported the truth because it is the right thing to do, not because it’s our job.

Supporting in small ways, in mass numbers, gives independent media the tools to compete and continue the war against the lies of the main stream press. And the ability to advance and grow to reach more people.

Support with $1 per Month or any other alternative media site you would like to support. Independent journalists need to keep pressing. Keep waking up the masses. And the more resources they have the more people they can get the truth to.

Thank you for supporting independent media, thank you for sharing articles and for any small contributions you can make to our site or any independent media sites world wide.

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