US11107588 Patent for wireless tracking, vaccinating and quarantining the population

Dylan Eleven | | Oct 31 2021

Regarding Patent Number: US11107588

PDF above.

I will be making a full report on this patent. I am reading and analyzing the 159 page patent now.

First impressions:

The terminology and phrasing in this document is evil.

Anyone doubting their agenda should take a close look at this patent.

Tracking and prioritizing vaccines or forced quarantine related to social credit score, occupation, who you associate with, and vaccine status. Not just vaccine status.

It keeps referring to a score of under 100,000 relating to being vaccinated or quarantined.

If you apply this patent to anyone who disagrees with the official narrative and is a freedom loving patriot. It is a highly effective way of finding you, who you have told the truth or share truths with and where to find them.

If this system is used in a Nazi Hollerith machine way, it can easily identify anyone who is not playing satanic ball. This is a human hunting machine.

This patent is evil to the core.

It is also written very cryptically. They speak of many types of electronic device. Alluding to cell phones and other types of circuitry.

There is references that could be taken as reference to a electronic device circuitry inside of the person. Terminology they use I will outline in my report. I will post it as soon as I have it completed.

The stated premise of this patent is to be able to identify those who need a vaccine before others, when the vaccine is in short supply.

There is a large amount of effort and descriptions about how to asses you and get the vaccine to you if your score as lower than the recommend amount. Or to force quarantine. Occupation is also considered.

This seems unnecessary as there is no virus, there is no shortage of vaccines. There is no need to prioritize based upon a very wide number of factors your need to be hunted down and vaccinated or quarantined.

This does not seem like a system of prioritization based upon need and scarcity of available vaccines. It is a system of being able to identify and hunt down anyone they want to and control every person on earth.

Wether this is the stated goal or not. The ability of this system to find someone, who they have talked to, where they go, where they have been, where they are expected to go amd force vaccination or quarantine upon that person. It will communicate to their phone and multiple other sources including the network built within the person via the graphene broadcasting in the vaccine. Although they do not state this directly there are, in my opinion references to an internal device broadcast from the vaccinated: the wording is purposely deceptive.

Wirelessly Linking to a circuit, as well as stated devices. This circuit could be a definition of a graphene oxide circuit constructed within the body.

I will detail all of this in my report.

To be posted ASAP.

Read the PDF yourself and see what you think.

To me this shot is evil and hitler would have been proud.

This has the ability to round up anyone. We are at war. War has been declared. This is a tool of war.

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