Famous Indian Actor Dies of Heart Attack After ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine

Famous Indian Actor Dies of Heart Attack After ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccine
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Famous Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar, 46, died Friday after suffering a massive heart attack, with speculation that a Covid-19 vaccine could be responsible for his sudden death.

The Times of India reported that the 46-year-old actor complained of chest pain in the morning while working out in his home gym.

Rajkumar was treated at a hospital in Bengaluru where doctors were unable to save him.

Shocking and Heart breaking to know that Puneeth is no more. It is a huge loss for the film fraternity. My deepest condolences to Puneeth’s family and loved ones.

RIP #PuneethRajkumar pic.twitter.com/Rx8smL9NtW

— Mammootty (@mammukka) October 29, 2021

A statement released by Vikram Hospital read: “Puneet Rajkumar aged 46 years was brought to the emergency department, Vikram Hospital with history of chest pain at 11:40 am. He was non-responsive and was in Cardiac Asystole and Advanced cardiac resuscitation has been initiated.”

“Prior to coming here, he had gone to a clinic following chest pain around 11 am. ECG was done in the clinic. He has suffered from a heart attack. Treatment was immediately initiated as he arrived. His condition is critical,” said Dr Ranganath Nayak, a cardiologist at Vikram Hospital.

Fans of the beloved actor gathered outside of the hospital to support him.

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