American government works for the corporation, not the people.

Telegram : Dark Universe

The USA is a British crown colony. not a country, but a cooperation.

They control the world Via the District of Columbia (militarily), London (economically) and the Vatican (spiritually). “The empire of the city” 

The constitution of the District of Columbia runs by a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex fori.

King James signed the first charter of Virginia in 1606, granting Britain’s forefathers a license to settle & colonise America, stolen from natives. 

The charter also guaranteed that future kings & queens of Britain would have sovereign authority over American citizens and colonised lands in the United States.

After America declared its independence the Paris peace treaty of 1783 was signed which identifies the king of England as the prince of the USA. It contradicts the belief that America won the war of independence. 

American government works for the corporation, not the people.

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