The Unvaccinated Will Be Hunted By The Vaccinated Before The Vaccinated Die

Dylan Eleven | | November 4 2021

Image above: Toronto, Canada UV black lights which can identify if you are NOT vaccinated. Due to luciferese in the vaccine that glows under black lights.

For the 1% to kill 95% of us, they need the people to help carry out their own Genocide.

They have killed the vaccinated already and the are creating a civil war to finish of the rest before the vaccinated drop.

The vaccinated are walking dead. They are not the next target. They have already been taken out.

What the cabal needs is for the walking dead vaccinated to take out the resistance to the NWO identified easily as those who refuse the vaccine. The awake.

The timeline for this plan is now – 3 years. As the army of walking dead will start to die off now, continuing for the next 3 years.

The largest attack on the unvaccinated will be very soon due to the mass deaths that will occur when the vaccinated have lost all of their ability to fight off any bacteria or viral response to seasonal weather or from other vaccine side effects.

Covid caused no excess deaths as it was just the flu renamed.

Since the vaccine rollout excess deaths are up 10-20%. Due to the vaccine.

They will use the excess dead from the vaccine and blame a new strain as justification for forced vaccination at gunpoint.

The unvaccinated are the resistance. We are the control group. We are proof of their genocide when only the vaccinated die.

Unvaccinated plan to survive a full war against us.

Vaccinated detox and unite instead of creating division.

We can stop this madness. We will stop this madness. We will resist. We will all fight.

It could be easier on us all. We could halt this global insanity.

We could all unite now and remove the evil few.

Instead of civil war and vaccine at gunpoint we could all work together to help the vaccinated detox and halt the genocide vaccine rollout.

Prepare for the worst, work towards the best.


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