Garbage Piles Up In NYC As Sanitation Workers Placed On Leave For Not Complying With Vaccine Mandates

Garbage Piles Up In NYC As Sanitation Workers Placed On Leave For Not Complying With Vaccine Mandates
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NYC garbage Garbage has already strated piling up in NYC after the Mayor’s office placed around 20 percent of the sanitation workers on leave for not complying with his vaccine mandate.


New York City is now literally a trash heap

Summit News reports: It is estimated that almost 1500 workers are now on administrative leave, which has meant that areas of the city are starting to fill up with stinking garbage.

Trash piled up in parts of New York City on Thursday as garbage collection slowed ahead of the deadline for city workers to get vaccinated.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) October 29, 2021

VIDEO: Trash piles up in New York as sanitation workers protest vaccine mandate.

Garbage is piling up on New York City streets in Brooklyn and Staten Island as sanitation workers delay garbage collection ahead of a Covid-19 vaccine mandate deadline ordered for city employees

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) October 29, 2021

Gothamist quoted a Staten Island resident who said “Most of my neighbors work for the city, and they’re supporting the sanitation workers. But if this continues, the situation is going to be unbearable.”

Another sanitation worker who requested a medical exemption urged “It’s going to get bad in the streets,” adding “The garbage is going to pile up. We already have enough manpower problems.”

New York City’s New ‘Public Health’ Plan: Let Garbage Pile Up on the Sidewalks

— Ron Paul Institute (@RonPaulInstitut) October 29, 2021

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