Nationwide Strike For Freedom Nov 8-11

Nationwide Strike For Freedom Nov 8-11
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By Neenah Payne

Freedom To Choose says, “Freedom To Choose USA is fully supporting the nationwide strike on Nov 8-11. Stand for freedom and hold the line!” Text “Freedom 53445” for more information.

Freedom To Choose

This is a peaceful movement in the spirit of civil disobedience led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Henry David Thoreau, author of Civil Disobedience.

The Amazon Description says:

“Sparked by Thoreau’s outrage at American slavery and the American-Mexican war, Civil Disobedience is a call for every citizen to value his conscience above his government. Within this 19th century essay, Thoreau explains government of any sort – including democracy – does not possess more wisdom or justice than its individual citizens, and that it is every citizen’s responsibility to avoid acquiescence. More than an essay, Civil Disobedience is a call to action for all citizens to refuse to participate in, or encourage in any way, an unjust institution.”

Challenges To Biden’s “Vaccine” Mandate

JUST IN: DeSantis Responds To Biden’s New OSHA Rule Setting Jan. 4 Deadline For Vaccine Mandate

“Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) slammed the Biden Administration’s announcement of a new deadline for tens of millions of health care workers, federal contractors and employees of larger businesses, all of whom must be fully vaccinated by January 4, in a move that means two-thirds of the American workforce is covered by vaccination rules.”

JUST IN: Senate GOP Urges Opposition To Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Gravitas Plus: The Great Resignation

Democrats INSANE Vaccine Mandate Is Here And WORSE Than We Thought

“Democrat’s National Vaccine Mandate Is Here, May Hit ALL COMPANIES, Ben Shapiro Announces He’s Suing. Many have noted that Joe Biden waited until after the elections in Virginia in order to announce the new rules as they are seen as widely unpopular. Democrats know that this will result in a major collapse in support and will push many people towards the Republican party and a potential Ron DeSantis or Trump 2024 presidential run. 2022 is looking like it will be a major red wave with the GOP reclaiming the house and Senate.”

Growing WorldWide Walkouts

The November 8-11 nationwide protest will build on a growing resistance. Over 50 cities in America participated and this was just in AMERICA! Join Worldwide Walkout November 3! showed how the freedom movement is growing.

Also see:

However, RECORD CROWDS PROTEST COVID VACCINE MANDATES (Video) reports 10,000 participants.


“New York City sanitation workers, firefighters, police officers, EMS personnel and correctional officers gather in protest of New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

Kim Iversen: Why Americans Are MAD AS HELL At Democrats

We Have to Choose Between Dangerous Freedom and Peaceful Slavery | Guest: JP Sears

Matt Kibbe sits down with comedian JP Sears (@AwakenWithJP) to talk about his evolution from a spiritual satirist to a champion of freedom. As the political landscape has shifted, JP saw his liberties legitimately threatened for the first time and was surprised to find how little the rest of his community cared. The generation that grew up with participation trophies has gotten used to never having to deal with discomfort, which leads them to expect someone else to solve all their problems. What they have to realize is that if you want to live free, it’s not always going to be safe or easy, whereas if you want to feel safe, it means giving up most of your personal autonomy.

The Highwire, hosted by Emmy Award Winning Del Bigtree produced the 2016 documentary Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe that went viral! Below are some of his recent shows.

Physicians Declaration: COVID Policies “Crimes Against Humanity”


A Summit in Rome gathered some of the Best Physicians and Scientists in the world to state the truth and follow the real science. Some Governments are not happy this occurred.

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Dr. Robert Malone said he believes this is the turning point now when doctors will have the courage to speak out and speak the truth. Over 100 million people logged into the Summit! Dr. Malone said the message of the Summit is that people don’t have to be afraid of COVID because there are treatments which, when administered early, are effective. Dr. Malone says under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, there is a coalition of states that are resisting the government pressure on COVID policies. The video explains that vaccinated people are 27 times more likely to develop COVID symptoms than unvaccinated people!


Dr. Robert Malone’s movement and declaration to save medical ethics and medical care.
September 24th, 2021

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Nothing Changes As Long As You Obey

Exceptionally Cruel and Insensitive Health Officials was published in May 2020 by Dr. Mark Sircus and should be read in full. Much of it is quoted here. Dr. Sircus says:

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