Protesters gather in solidarity outside Australian Embassy in The Hague

Protesters gather in solidarity outside Australian Embassy in The Hague
News – Rebel News / Alexandra Marshall

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A small group of protesters has gathered outside the Australian embassy in The Hague (Netherlands) to show solidarity for Australians who are living under oppressive Covid health orders.

“We are here in Holland at the Australian embassy. We want to show you guys that we care about you – that we worry about you – so we are standing here for you. For all Australians. Holland loves you,” said Evelyn, on a clip put up by Patriot Freedom Dutch TV.

Protesters held signs that said:

‘Australia, we are with you!’

‘I stand with Australia!’

‘United we stand! Support Australia!’

‘Free Australia!!! We love you.’

‘Coercion is not consent.’

The protesters peacefully stood outside the embassy, talking to police from behind a large banner. Trucks and cars beeped in support throughout the day, eliciting cheers. Other protesters said prayers for Australians suffering under what has been described as medical apartheid.

Attendees reported that at a large rally on the previous Tuesday, protesters were ‘brutally beaten’ by police.

There have been large protests in the Netherlands throughout the pandemic, with 10s of 1000s gathering in rallies – including 150,000 for the ‘Unmute Us’ demonstrations in Amsterdam.

Police used a water cannon and batons against anti-lockdown protesters gathered in The Hague in March 2021. Like Australia, they had been living under tough restrictions which included the first night-time curfew since World War II.

Protesters held banners declaring, “Love & Freedom: No Dictatorship”.

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