INTERVIEW: Independent journalist ARRESTED by police during Quebec protest

INTERVIEW: Independent journalist ARRESTED by police during Quebec protest
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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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During the last frontline workers protest on October 15, several people were arrested — one of them being Jean-François Déry, an independent reporter.

Everything happened when the protest took a different turn. For those who have seen the report in question, Mr. Amalega, a renowned freedom fighter in Quebec, had proposed during his speech to extend the event to the Hôtel-Dieu hospital.

It is then that Mr. Déry immediately rushed to the scene and made it behind the police officers for a better point of view. This unfortunately was not well received by Quebec’s police force, the SPVQ.

They asked him to move back, which he did. Things ended in a pretty intense arrest.

Why is it that independent reporters are being targeted by the police? Freedom of the press is essential in order to maintain a democracy.

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