Resistance GB: inspiring interview

Resistance GB: inspiring interview
The Liberty Beacon / Steve Cook

Intro by Steve Cook

The following thoroughly riveting interview with UK Freedom Fighter and People’s lawyer, Anna De Bruisseret comes courtesy of Resistance GB.

A retired army officer and a senior lawyer, she warns those in positions of responsibility that if they do not speak out, they will be held accountable in a second Nuremburg Trial.

She speaks about the illegality of the experimental injection, the mask mandates and the medical passport, and assures people that “more lawyers than the public realise” are working behind the scenes on these cases; and stresses the importance of people knowing what their rights are in order than we should continue to uphold them. “No oppressive regime has ever lasted, because we the people stand up.”

Resistance GB is a superb project whose Watchdog journalism fills the void that was left by the treasonous Main Stream Media when it capitulated to and became a propaganda instrument of the crime syndicates waging the War on Freedom.

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