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Dylan Eleven | | Nov 10 2021

We are at war. They will not stop this madness until we have enough people who know the truth unite and demand Justice. This is the importance of all independent media. We are not funded by big pharmaceutical companies as is the mainstream media. We have our dedication to the people that drives us and we need the support of the people.

For 16 Years we have reported the truth on without asking for donations or advertising. I have worked full time without pay and funded myself.

Recently we have started a $1 per month or donation campaign to help with costs and to further expand.

We are doing our part in this war to get the truth out with 30 million articles read per month on, our telegram channel and articles we email.

If you can, help us in our cause with our $1 per month campaign or by making a small donation.

Thank you truth warriors, we appreciate your help!

Dylan Eleven

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