‘Canadians deserve a choice’: Vaccinated or not, Calgary protesters oppose mandates

‘Canadians deserve a choice’: Vaccinated or not, Calgary protesters oppose mandates
News – Rebel News / Adam Soos

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Don’t forget, we are all in this together.

That was the narrative anyways, from every corporate marketing agency and pro-lockdown politician. Interestingly, however, many of those corporations were granted more freedoms than churches were throughout the lockout. Similarly, while pastors were being arrested for gathering, politicians everywhere were breaking the very same rules and getting away with it without consequence, look no further than the Jason Kenney Sky Palace incident.

Despite the clear hypocrisy, the mantra of inclusivity and togetherness carried on.

Mere months after Jason Kenney affirmed that vaccine passports were a fundamental violation of several laws and that they would never see the light of day in Alberta, he announced his very own vaccine passport system in Alberta.

In it together suddenly became show us your papers.

Every week, more and more Albertan’s are waking up to what is happening. We teach our children not to discriminate, and then our government officials and many employers make medical discrimination official policy and enforce it fervently. Nurses, teachers, firefighters, police, and countless others who worked through three waves of COVID-19 are suddenly being excluded from being “in it together” based on their vaccine status. Thousands upon thousands were losing their livelihoods.

Fortunately, there is a place where people are truly in it together.

People don’t care if you are vaccinated or not — there is no values test. When you show up to support Charter rights and people’s right to choose, they welcome you like family. The weekly freedom rallies that take place in Calgary every Saturday in Century Gardens have varied in attendance from a few hundred to thousands, but despite differences of opinion, distinct backgrounds, and diverse ideologies these people are truly in it together, in it for choice, and in it for freedom.

We were on hand once again this past Saturday where a crowd of freedom fighters just shy of 1,000 took to the streets together to say no to vaccine passports. If you want to say no to vaccine passports as well, you can do so by contributing to our legal battles against vaccine mandates at FightVaccinePassports.com. We are hiring lawyers and taking companies and governments who discriminate based on vaccine status to court.

Original Article: http://www.rebelnews.com/canadians_deserve_a_choice_vaccinated_or_not_calgary_protesters_oppose_mandates


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