Challenging Humanity’s Greatest Threat

Challenging Humanity’s Greatest Threat
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

In previous articles, I quoted and cited eminent truth-telling medical and scientific experts on all things flu/covid.

Drs. Peter Breggin, Peter McCullough, Vladimir Zelenko and Elizabeth Lee Vliet are among them.

They’re distinguished in their fields and for explaining what’s crucial for everyone to know about the mother of all diabolical state-sponsored scams with destroying public health and free societies in mind.

They, together with Ginger Breggin, prepared A Declaration for ReFounding America Now. See below.

Separately on their website, Peter and Ginger Breggin discussed a “new report in Science led by Ralph Baric’s team from the University of North Carolina…”

It “defines the tragic future for humanity through the endless (mass-jabbing) assault.”

It explains that despite decades of research, no safe and effective coronavirus vaccines were ever developed.

None exist now. Claims otherwise about entries of Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J et al into the mass-jabbing sweepstakes are based on a platform of MSM-supported Big Lies and mass deception.

The declaration prepared by the Breggins et al is sorely needed.

It comes at a time when US dark forces, their anti-public handmaidens, Pharma profiteers, and MSM co-conspirators are “push(ing) experimental, dangerous” jabs for young kids with destroying their health in mind.

It’s when resisting the scourge of what’s going on is crucial to halt it.

It’s when humanity is under assault like never before in world history.

We the people are being “oppress(ed) by a supranational hierarchy of elite predators,” the Breggins et al explained.

They’re “stealing national governments from their citizens, sucking the life out of Western (societies), and obliterating individual liberties.”

“(T)heir master plan to crush us with pandemic terror and (draconian flu/covid) policies…”

They’re pushing the “global warming (myth) as an additional threat to make us obedient and submissive.”

“These global predators are empowering themselves to govern, reshape, cull, and consume humanity.”

“It is inescapably clear that the current worldwide systematic oppression is a highly organized and thus-far successful effort to dominate, transform, and exploit humanity” with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

They’re the predators. We’re their prey. They won’t quit unless and until we rise up and defeat their diabolical aims.

Everything going on was carefully planned years ago and refined over time.

Their diabolical aims include concentrating wealth in their hands by stealing it from us.

They also intend to create a brave new world order of masters (them) and poverty-level wage slaves (us).

Their tools include state-of-the-art technology for ill, not good, control of mass-communications and state-terror to eliminate opposition to what no one should tolerate.

“Never before have there been so many wealthy and influential individuals and institutions who lust for endless wealth, personal glory, and power,” the Breggins et al stressed, adding:

“Never before have they so easily been able to plan and plot together, threatening the existence of individual freedoms and (democracy as it should be, not the Western and other fantasy versions).”

“Never before have there been so many written publications, videos, news reports, and other evidence to document who they are and” their diabolical aims.

Elements I call dark forces include “predator(y) multi-billionaires…(anti-public) health agency officials, deep state bureaucracies, giant philanthropic foundations, and” corporate predators of all shapes, sizes and persuasions.

They include genocide-supporting monsters Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the imposter in the White House, underlings like fraudsters Fauci, Walensky, Murthy, the WHO’s Tedros et al, and their worldwide co-conspirators.

“They are united in being predators and in holding the remainder of us in utter contempt.”

They target millions and billions of unwanted people for elimination to more greatly increase their power and wealth.

They operate in cahoots with Pharma profiteering producers of drugs designed with unparalleled mass-extermination in mind.

Even the Vatican was co-opted to support their diabolical war on humanity — Pope Francis urging humanity to self-inflict harm through syringes.

The power of MSM pushed persuasion brainwashed countless millions throughout the West and elsewhere to self-inflict harm unwittingly.

Their diabolical scheme includes abolition of parental rights to protect their offspring.

“America must rise up,” the Breggins et all urged.

“Join the grassroots movements to stand firm for the Founding Principles of the US as published in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.”

“These three documents are the moral, legal, political, and spiritual foundation of America.”

Now is the most critical time in US and world history.

“Now is the time for all of us to find our courage to” challenge the most diabolical scheme ever conceived for mass-extermination and ruthless exploitation of survivors.

Dark forces are coming for us, our children and other loved ones.

“(W)e must stop them” by whatever it’ll take to reclaim what they stole and want infinitely more of.

They’re monsters more viciously ruthless than history’s worst.

An unparalleled scourge, the only option is rising up and smashing their diabolical war on humanity before it crosses a point of no return.

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