We Have Announced What We Are Doing

We Have Announced What We Are Doing
Paul Stramer / Paul Stramer (noreply@blogger.com)

By Anna Von Reitz

We have announced what we are doing and who we are.

We are traditional peaceable Americans coming together in every State of the Union to restore our lawful American Government.

That includes declaring and recording our political status.

That includes accepting the traditional and historical definition of the States.

That includes honoring the responsibilities of each State including its contracts and treaties. This includes being responsible members of the Federation of States.

That includes the hard work of studying the history and the Law and applying ourselves to the tasks of self-governance.

That includes organizing the General Assembly, the International Business Assembly, the Courts, and the Assembly Militia.

That includes conducting proper Public Elections, maintaining both Public Records, and Assembly Records.

That includes creating and maintaining a friendly, community atmosphere competent to conduct business without obstruction.

That includes undertaking the work of reconstructing the American State of State organizations and the Federal Republic.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with any aspect of this organizational mission SHOULD NOT join our Assemblies.

There are two (2) District Assemblies for those who want to fight and cheat and steal and seize power over their neighbors.

If you are “all about you” and your issues and your opinions and your beliefs held without actual knowledge, don’t even think about joining an American Assembly.

Being part of an American Assembly is a grave responsibility which reflects the rights our Assemblies exercise—- anyone who does not accept this and doesn’t understand the lawful role of the Federation of States, which every State of the Union is a member of, needs to leave now, or better yet, never join at all.

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