Sex Slave Exposes the Rot That Pervades Society

Sex Slave Exposes the Rot That Pervades Society
Henry Makow

carter.jpgIn order to maintain their fraudulent money monopoly, the Rothschilds (Organized Jewry) have employed a network of satanists, perverts and criminals (Freemasons) whom they ultimately control through blackmail.

In a 30-minute interview, Illuminati sex slave Ally Carter, 27, claims she was raped by Joe Biden, Barack Obama and many Hollywood celebrities. But she says this rot pervades Western society and includes police chiefs, cops, teachers and grave diggers. The people who sit next to you every day are complicit. “They’re customers.”

She describes being trafficked from age four by Child Protective Services to places ranging from seedy LA strip bars to Buckingham Palace. This rot explains why the West has folded like a cheap tent to Communism (Satanism.) She says there are millions of children like her, including many who are killed for their blood and organs. PS — she says Michelle Obama is a man.

This is a must-listen interview.

by Mike Stone

Like me, you’ve probably never heard of Ally Carter, but you’ve certainly heard a lot about everything she has to say: Freemason cops, MK Ultra, underground tunnels, satanic ritual child abuse, Hollywood elites raping children, and it only goes on from there.

In this 25 minute long video, Carter, 27, tells Stew Peters about her time as a sex slave to the elite.

Of being transported via underground tunnels from Universal Studios and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to parties where she met and “serviced” Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Steven Perry, John Travolta (I thought he was gay), Beyonce, and many others.

Donald Trump? Carter says Trump is the only celebrity/political figure she never saw.

Child Protective Services? Carter says they do not protect children, they traffic them.

Carter does a lot of talking in this video. Stew does a lot of listening. Beginning at age 13, Carter’s mother began trafficking her. To police chiefs, politicians and celebrities. Everyone she turned to for help–teachers, social workers, school counselors–told her to keep her mouth shut. Nobody cared and nobody came to her assistance.

“MK Ultra is real,” Carter says.

Apparently, there are “millions” of more children just like her undergoing the same abuse. All those kids that go missing every year? This is where they end up. Some have their limbs chopped off to prevent them from running away. Others are murdered after being raped and then have their organs sold to hospitals. Still others have their blood drained, which Carter says is used as some sort of fountain of youth.

That last bit I’ve heard before, but have never understood. If these child predators are using the blood of children or andrenochrome as some kind of youth serum, then why do they all look so old and ugly? Seriously, someone explain it to me, because it doesn’t seem to be working.

sou-scaring.pngSome people say that consuming the pituitary gland of a young child results in hyper-pituitarism which causes bruising under the eye. If so, it might explain the mystery of the Black Eye Club.

As gruesome as it sounds, that certainly makes more sense than some of the other theories floating around about all the celebrities and elites we see sporting black eyes.

Carter corroborates what others have long said about child trafficking, underground tunnels and MK Ultra sex slaves. It is mind control programming. It is all about control. “It’s like someone has the remote to someone’s life.”

Cathy O’Brien said much of the same in her book “Transformation of America”, the most disturbing book I’ve ever read. But reading about it on the internet or in a book is quite different than hearing it straight from the mouth of someone who was actually trapped in that world.

Why didn’t Carter tell the cops, you ask? She did, only in her words, “They’re all complicit. They’re all customers.”

Though she does concede there are a few good cops and a few good social workers.

Carter says she has enough evidence to bring down all of the elites and their minions and send them all to prison for the rest of their lives, only no one will look at it or do anything about it.

In order to escape her situation, Carter says she did what she had to do, and doesn’t elaborate. I can only imagine what that means.

I once heard Whoopi Goldberg of all people talking about how if the government can stop the importation of Cuban cigars, then they can stop anything. So why can’t they stop the disappearance of thousands of children every year, or at least solve the crime of their kidnappings? Remember all those missing kids whose pictures used to be featured on milk cartons?

Remember Madeleine McCann?

In July of 2020, Carter detailed her experiences on Instagram. Instagram immediately shut down her account. As far as I know, Stew Peters is the first and only person to give Carter a platform.

What do you think? Is she telling the truth?

I believe her.

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