Video: The mRNA Vaccine Generates Microscopic Blood Clots: Dr. Charles Hoffe

Video: The mRNA Vaccine Generates Microscopic Blood Clots: Dr. Charles Hoffe
Global Research / Dr. Charles Hoffe

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First published on July 31, 2021


Very important Interview

According to Dr. Charles Hoffe, Canadian medical doctor based in British Columbia:

“The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc.

The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test.”

“These people have no idea they are even having these microscopic blood clots. The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot re-generate. When those tissues are damaged by blood clots they are permanently damaged.

“These shots are causing huge damage and the worst is yet to come.”

Below is the interview, with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, also available on Rumble channel.

[embedded content]

From, there is a presentation by Dr. Hoffe where he talks about the truth on mRNA, spike proteins and why so much people are developing blood clots after being jabbed with experimental nanotechnology in the Covid-19 vaccines. Click here to watch it.


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