Mounting Death Toll from COVID-19 Injections, Mandates Imposed in the Name of “Safety in the Workpla ce”. Non-consenting Airline Employees Push Back.

Mounting Death Toll from COVID-19 Injections, Mandates Imposed in the Name of “Safety in the Workplace”. Non-consenting Airline Employees Push Back.
Global Research / David Skripac

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How many innocent people must be marred, maimed, and mortally wounded by these injections before the truth of the toxic effects of creating unnatural spike proteins in our bodies is finally acknowledged?

How many adults’ and children’s lives will be destroyed—physically, emotionally, economically—before it becomes obvious to the entire world that the COVID vaccination program is the most cruel, calculated scientific fraud and psychological operation in history?


Around the world, governments, schools, and corporations are instituting mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies for their employees, all in the name of “safety in the workplace.”

Countries are ramping up the pressure and taking ever-more-extreme measures to ensure compliance. In Canada, for instance, the government is mandating not only all federal employees but also all Canadian citizens be “fully vaccinated” in order to travel on a Canadian registered train, ship, or aircraft—a directive that violates sections 6 and 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In a growing number of European nations, the crackdown is just as severe.

In September 2021, Italy became the first European country to announce the implementation of the mandatory COVID-19 “health pass,” dubbed the “Green Pass,” for all workers, both public and private.

Meanwhile, the French government, employing the fictitious pretext of a “fifth wave,” has rolled out the latest round of strict vaccine mandates by tying its existing vaccine passport to COVID booster shots for people aged 65 and older. If any person in this age group does not receive the booster shot by December 15, he will no longer be permitted to enter public spaces such as theaters, restaurants, gyms, and concert halls.

Even more extreme, the German state of Hesse allows businesses to deny customers who opt out of vaccination access to basic necessities—including food and other essentials for living.

Lithuania is perhaps one of the worst-case scenarios in Europe. Though you might think it was done with tyranny after breaking away from the Soviet Union and restoring its pre-WWII independence in 1990, that assumption would be wrong. For, even though the tiny country experienced no “pandemic” of any note in 2020 and its government initially went easy on the populace, Lithuania abruptly abandoned that approach after globalists manufactured a regime change this fall. You can track the rapid disappearance of freedom in that society by reading the posts written here and here.

The trillion-dollar question is: Are these vaccine mandates and passports really about public safety—or do they have an underlying agenda entirely unrelated to health?

Pretending to be concerned about preventing the spread of a supposedly contagious disease, vaccine manufacturers have been telling us for months that the gene-editing injections are safe and effective at reducing both the transmission of COVID-19 and the severity of its symptoms.

The data coming out of highly vaccinated countries, though, tells a far different story. Results in Israel, Gibraltar, Malta, Singapore, and Iceland suggest that the vaccinated are not immune to either contracting or transmitting COVID-19, nor are they being saved from hospitalization or from death caused by this disease. Study upon study bears out this finding.

Dr. Gérard Delépine, a French oncologist, orthopedic surgeon, and statistician, has presented overwhelming evidence suggesting that the vaccinated are exposed to a vastly increased risk of dying compared to the unvaccinated.

Another report citing concerns for the “vaccinated” is based on a recent study of “COVID-19 breakthrough cases” in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. It drew the following conclusion:

“. . . Fully vaccinated were more likely than unvaccinated persons to be infected by variants carrying mutations associated with decreased antibody neutralization (L452R, L452Q, E484K, and/or F490S) (78% versus 48%, p = 1.96e-08), but not by those associated with increased infectivity (L452R and/or N501Y) (85% versus 77%, p = 0.092). . . . These findings suggest that vaccine breakthrough cases are preferentially caused by circulating antibody-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants, and that symptomatic breakthrough infections may potentially transmit COVID-19 as efficiently as unvaccinated infections, regardless of the infecting lineage.”

A third study of the vaccinated, done by researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, pinpointed people in the US who received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine. It compared pre-“pandemic” data gathered from the general US population to data generated from VAERS reports of Americans who have experienced COVID vaccine side effects. The researchers found that someone who receives the J&J jab is 3.5 times more likely to develop rare blood clots in the brain—called Cerebral Venous Thrombosis (CVT)—than was the average American before the so-called pandemic.

In the UK, the vaccinated face equally dire consequences. A report published by TheExpose.UKin November 2021 shows that 85 percent of COVID-19 deaths are among the vaccinated and that child deaths have risen by 83 percent ever since the age group was offered the shot. The latest data from the UK Public Health Protection Agency—which now goes by the more menacing name of UK Health Security Agency—shows the “vaccines” have a negative effectiveness that in some cases is as low as minus 132 percent. In a probingreport published by Global Research, COVID-19 “truth” blogger John Goss shows that, between the January 2021 inception of the experimental COVID-19 injection rollout in the UK and October 20, 2021, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) registered 1,738 deaths and 1.2 million injuries endured by more than 378,000 people—an average of 3.3 injuries per person.

Worse, some two weeks later the MHRA confirmed, in response to a Freedom of Information request, that in those ten months the number of deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines was 330 percent higher than the number of deaths over the last 20 years caused by all other vaccines combined. Pause to absorb those numbers: In just ten months, a single substance has killed three-and-a-third times more people than all other similar substances killed in 20 years!

Meanwhile, in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) disclosed that, through November 5, 2021, there had been 91,982 total hospitalizations and 18,461 reported deaths from the COVID vaccines since the nationwide vaccine rollout commenced on December 14, 2020.

Is the VAERS data accurate? Absolutely not. Its numbers grossly understate actual adverse events. Indeed, VAERS authorities admit that their statistics represent anywhere from 1 percent to 10 percent of substantiated-but-unreported adverse events, according to a well-known study done by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc.

We can only assume the same degree of underreporting goes on at the MHRA and all other public health regulatory agencies around the globe. For example, though EudraVigilance has reported in excess of 24,000 deaths and 2.3 million injuries to citizens in the European Union as of mid-September 2021, it is safe to conclude that the actual total of fatalities and impairments is exponentially higher.

Officials in every governmental jurisdiction in the world have had easy access to the aforementioned inconvenient information. Yet most of them have buried their heads and proceeded to press on with their vaccination schedules, no matter how hideous the human cost. Indeed, they appear to have made it their mission to coerce as many innocent people as possible—including the parents of young children and, even more monstrously, the children themselves—into taking this experimental gene therapy. All the while, politicians and public health officials alike accept zero liability for any and all harm done in the euphemistic name of “protection.”

In succession and in perfect synchronicity, academic institutions and businesses (many of which have been financially decimated by the illogical, unnecessary shutdown of the global economy in 2020) in numerous nations have followed suit. Why the collegiate and corporate kowtowing to such oppressive, unconstitutional government mandates? The answer is simple: These compromised entities know full well that if they do not comply, future funds from their respective government legislatures and agencies may not be forthcoming. In other words, they dare not bite the hand that feeds them.

College and university students who decline to be subjected to this immoral, inhumane experimentation on their bodies are not permitted to come on campuses—or even attend online courses. Not only are they deprived of undergraduate and graduate degrees, but in some cases they are being threatened with a no-refund policy on their tuition.

Meanwhile, employees who are refusing to accept vaccination mandates are being terminated or suspended without pay from their jobs by the thousands.

Take airline industry employees, for example. On November 1, 2021, Air Canada suspended, without pay, more than 800 unvaccinated workers under its country’s new federal mandate. Other major North American carriers—United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue—are also trying to place unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave.

Tens of thousands of healthcare workers, firefighters, police forces, and school teachers in many nations are facing the same grievous attack on their livelihoods because they will not submit to the COVID-19 injections. Those employees who are bravely pushing back against the illegal vaccination mandates and vaxxports are exercising their human rights, including their right to bodily autonomy; their right to travel freely; their right to an education; their right to attend social and sports events; their right to enter their place of employment; even their right to simply shop for food for their families. They recognize these dictates amount to nothing more than an unethical tactic designed to coerce them into an unwarranted medical treatment as a condition of employment—an outrageous and unprecedented form of control and enslavement.

One group I’m familiar with that is gaining momentum in their fight against medical tyranny is the airline employees. Specifically, I am acquainted with members of their Canada contingent. In April 2021, four Canadian pilots founded Free to Fly. F2F is dedicated to “unequivocally support[ing] our passengers’ and colleagues’ rights and freedoms, including their freedom to fly, without the need to disclose private personal medical information.” To date, F2F has enrolled 2,840 Canadian aviation professionals who are “on a mission to make their voices heard in every legislature, court, and board room across Canada.” Importantly, over 34,000 (and counting) passengers have joined F2F’s fight for freedom.

Asked what motivated him and his fellow pilots to form F2F, Captain Greg Hill explained their rationale in an email:

“We’ve lived with peace and security, really, since the end of WW2, and even then, losses of freedom were on distant shores. Perhaps this made us complacent. There seems to be a tendency to wait until things get worse, rooted in disbelief at where we’re at. But the time to have the fight is now. While we’re greatly troubled by the overt coercion surrounding the injections, we’re far more concerned about the broad attack on so many of our freedoms. Our stand and our message is for every Canadian, coast to coast. We don’t want our children to hear about freedoms they can only dream of, so we better all get vocal and get active.”

F2F has since partnered with other organizations—Liberty Coalition Canada, Canadian Frontline Nurses, Canadian Covid Care Alliance, Police on Guard, Freedom in Action, Freedom Travel Alliance, and US Freedom Flyers—all equally committed to the preservation of liberty, human rights, and medical freedom.

Like F2F, US Freedom Flyers is composed of airline employees who have come together “to fight US federal and state mandates which aim to strip citizens of their right to medical freedom.” Though there is no proof of a planned strike (which is illegal), at the very time airline staff across the US banded together to halt the tyranny from on high, thousands of flights had to be cancelled. From October 29 to October 31, 2021, for example, American Airlines cancelled more than 1,500 flights. In the same month, Southwest Airlines cancelled more than 1,800 flights—more than 27 percent of its scheduled departures.

Not surprisingly, mainstream media (MSM) companies, whose stocks are owned and controlled by the four biggest institutional investment firms in the world (Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway, which also own large stakes in every major social media platform as well as in pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, Merck, GSK, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J, and BioNTech), have been blaming the flight cancellations on air traffic control issues, undefined “network issues,” and “weather problems.” Those excuses coming from the MSM are decoys designed to mislead the public, so it won’t catch on to the fact that so many employees in this trusted industry are rising up in rebellion. Attempting to expose those lies, Freedom Headlines pointed out:

“[T]he truth of the matter is that the [airlines] are losing people because of their enforcement of the mandates[,] and people are quitting, protesting, or being terminated. Because of all of this, they don’t have the staff to conduct many of these flights.”

Is this not the height of irony? On the one hand, the pro-COVID-vaccine crowd contends that the health of all citizens on the planet is paramount—and thus that the safety of the injections is a certainty. On the other hand, here we have pilots who, of all professionals on the planet, are acutely aware of, incredibly concerned about, and necessarily committed to being in perfect health in order to preserve the safety of their crew and passengers. Any incident that jeopardizes pilots’ mental acuity and physical ability to fly risks the lives of every passenger and crew member aboard their planes. Keep in mind that pilots work in an exceptionally dynamic setting that requires them to constantly gather information from multiple sources, weigh all of the options to determine the safest possible course of action, and then make split-second decisions.

It is natural, then, that the savviest pilots have examined, sifted through, and deliberated over all the information on the disease called COVID-19 and on the vaccines purportedly designed to minimize the effects of that disease. It is also natural that, based on the unbiased—though heavily censored—reports they have read, these savvy flyers have determined there is reason to be troubled by and suspicious of the singular lack of safety of these injections.

Some medical professionals involved in aviation—both in industry and in the military—have done their due diligence on the COVID vaccines. Like the aforementioned smart pilots whose health they monitor, these smart physicians have been keeping close tabs on the dangerous, even deadly, symptoms arising from the injections.

One doctor-to-the-pilots in particular stands out. I’m referring to a US Army Brigade Surgeon by the name of Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, who on November 2 testified before a US Senate panel hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI). With pluck and honesty, Lt. Col. Long described how she had to ground three pilots for COVID-19 vaccine-related injuries:

“I saw five patients in clinic, two of which presented with chest pain days to weeks after vaccination and were subsequently diagnosed with pericarditis and worked up to rule out myocarditis.”

“The third pilot had been vaccinated and felt like he was drunk, chronically fatigued within 24 hours after vaccination.”

“After I reported to my command my concerns that in one morning I had to ground three out of three pilots due to vaccine injuries, the next day my patients were cancelled, my charts were pulled from review, and I was told I would not be seeing acute patients anymore, just healthy pilots there for their flight physical,” Long chronicled.

I admire Lt. Col. Long for daring to speak truth to power—sad as it is to admit that it’s come to that. If government agencies like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada (TC) were truly concerned about the safety of their colleagues, as this military doctor obviously is, they would immediately demand a ceasefire—and I use that term advisedly—from all further vaccinations of aviation employees until a proper scientific/medical assessment of the safety of these injections is made. That is, they would already be making this demand if the government-issued-and-enforced measures and mandates had ever been about “public health” and individual wellbeing.

This returns us to my opening question: Are these vaccine mandates and passports really about public safety—or do they have an underlying agenda entirely unrelated to health? Based on everything I mentioned above—and that’s just for starters—the only reasonable conclusion I can reach is: There’s a sinister underlying agenda afoot.

That agenda has all the makings of a world war. Truly, we are watching psychological warfare in full bloom. In this “head game,” the state employs all manner of sophisticated terror tactics. The state dictates what we are allowed to think and what we are allowed to say in public and in private. The state decides what medical procedures we must undergo in order to participate in civil society. The state replaces free and informed choice with extortion and intimidation, wherein layers of lies and deception—pure propaganda—are so insidious that the average Jane and Joe genuinely believe they are doing the “right thing” by surrendering their inalienable and inherent rights at the point of a needle. In this state plot, “vaccination” is the conditional pass that permits us to participate in all aspects of society and gives us the cachet of acceptance among our peers and even, pathetic as it sounds, in our families.

This war of wits and will is not confined to being for or against the “COVID-19 vaccine.” It is beyond medical mandates. At its core, the battle is about overcoming the greatest existential threat—and biggest band of criminals—humanity has ever faced.


How many innocent people must be marred, maimed, and mortally wounded by these injections before the truth of the toxic effects of creating unnatural spike proteins in our bodies is finally acknowledged?

How many adults’ and children’s lives will be destroyed—physically, emotionally, economically—before it becomes obvious to the entire world that the COVID vaccination program is the most cruel, calculated scientific fraud and psychological operation in history?

How many doctors and nurses and scientists who have revealed the perilous nature and visible effects of these injected substances will be censored into silence and will lose their licenses and their livelihoods?

How many citizens who speak out against the all-seeing eye of the vaxxports and who defy the all-controlling thumb of the authoritarian technocrats will be locked out of their jobs, locked down in their homes, and one day literally locked—imprisoned behind bars—in COVID quarantine camps?

How many more unvaccinated family members will be prevented from ever visiting—and hugging and saying goodbye to—their loved ones in hospitals and hospices and nursing homes?

How much longer are we going to tolerate the false pretext of the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) policy, when we know full well that numerous alternative treatments exist and have readily cured the syndrome called COVID-19?

How much longer will we allow vaccine manufacturers to hide behind a shield of immunity from prosecution while raking in immense profits from what amounts to the planned murder of millions of human beings?

The time to act boldly is now. The time for peaceful noncompliance is now.


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David Skripac has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Aerospace Engineering. He served as a Captain in the Canadian Forces for nine years. During his two tours of duty in the Air Force he flew extensively in the former Yugoslavia as well as in Somalia, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Djibouti.

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