Killing YOU to Protect You

Killing YOU to Protect You
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By Anna Von Reitz

This afternoon, we are waiting for the verdict in the infamous Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Most Americans are snorting and scoffing, thinking, “Of course, he’s innocent. A man has a right to defend his own life in this country.”

Most won’t understand if this jury in Wisconsin comes back and convicts Kyle Rittenhouse.

But, that can happen and it can happen easily.


Well, I don’t have a crystal ball, because I don’t have the Docket Sheet in front of me, but I can tell you this — if they are prosecuting KYLE RITTENHOUSE, his goose is cooked and ready for a fork.

Because KYLE RITTENHOUSE is a Municipal Corporation and Municipal Corporations, like other citizens of the United States, are guilty of whatever crimes are alleged against them by definition. They have no right to protect themselves. They are slaves.

Just read the infamous Territorial Corporation’s Fourteenth Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America (Incorporated).

Those are the Legal Presumptions they have been operating under since the Civil War. See Section 2? See Section 4?

Not that the Fourteenth Amendment was ever ratified by our States of the Union. Not that it has any lawful authority whatsoever.

But in a private law slugfest, it is set in cement, and both the guilty Territorial Corporation and the guilty parent Municipal CORPORATIONS benefit from this.

By getting an American in the middle of their phony baloney ‘court” and batting him back and forth like a ball, deliberately impersonating him and misidentifying him as they go, they are guaranteed a 96% conviction rate and a free pass to jail him and fine him and steal his assets..

Then split the take.

If the court prosecutes him as KYLE RITTENHOUSE, he’s guilty by definition. If they prosecute him as Kyle Rittenhouse, he’s a British sailor of some sort, subject to the Queen and being prosecuted for crimes in the Admiralty jurisdiction.

Either way, his identity as a plain old American owed the guarantees of the Constitutions won’t be recognized.

And absent action on his part to declare and record his status as an American, it can’t be recognized. Even if he declares and records his actual political status, he will have to tenaciously and consistently defend his position and bring plenty of witnesses with him.

Absent action by a lot of other Americans, we are left dependent on the moral conscience of British Hired Jurists, who depend on convicting people “as” persons to make a living and bulk up their own retirement accounts.

Guess who loses?

If Kyle Rittenhouse were a member of The Wisconsin Assembly and a bunch of his peers showed up at his trial to take notes and names, the judge would think twice, and so would the jury.

Otherwise, the ugly truth is that the U.S. “War on Terror” targets its own citizens — or to be more exact, Americans who are presumed to be “citizens”.

Here’s a pretty good explanation of the scam:

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