Miles Mathis – Pfizer Vaccine Not Approved for Children

Miles Mathis – Pfizer Vaccine Not Approved for Children
Henry Makow

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If your children get the vaccine, they will be shot up not only with dangerous and untested mRNA technology spike proteins and graphene adjuvants, they will at the same time be shot up with heart-attack drugs originally created for old people and untested on five-year-olds.”

by Miles Mathis


Almost no one is noticing that the vaccine approved for children is Pfizer’s Biontech vaccine, which IS NOT fully approved for adults.

So how can it be approved for children?

Remember, the FDA approved Pfizer’s new Cominarty vaccine for adults, not the Biontech vaccine–and the Comirnaty vaccine doesn’t really exist.

You will tell me the approval for children is just emergency use approval, but that is illegal since the government is not allowed to approve an emergency use vaccine when a normal use approval has been granted.

If Cominarty is the same as Biontech, why not fully approve Comirnaty for children, as it is for adults? It makes no sense.

You will say it is because Comirnaty hasn’t hit the market yet, but if so that proves two things: there is no full approval of any existing vaccine, and the whole announcement was nothing more than a fraud.

Most people think the vaccine for adults has full approval, but they have been conned.

The vaccine they are getting is Biontech, which does not have full approval and which has no legal backing.

Pfizer is still exempt from all lawsuits, with both children and adults. Beyond that, we are now finding out the Pfizer vaccine for children is NEITHER Biontech nor Comirnaty, since its list of ingredients is admitted to be different than either one by the CDC and FDA.

Vaccine1.jpgA vaccine is defined by its list of ingredients, and if that list changes it is no longer the same vaccine, by definition. They have added an important new ingredient, that being an anti-heart-attack blood thinner Tromethamine, to combat blood clotting.

So the vaccine for children is even more dangerous than the vaccine adults have been taking, with an extra poison in it.

If your children get the vaccine, they will be shot up not only with dangerous and untested mRNA technology spike proteins and graphene adjuvants, they will at the same time be shot up with heart-attack drugs originally created for old people and untested on five-year-olds.

Five year olds don’t normally get heart attacks, do they, so there would be no reason to have previously tested Tromethamine on them.

Another problem just being noticed is that the vaccine and Tromethamine are meant to be given in different ways, with one being indicated for introduction into muscle and one being indicated for introduction into a vein.

If you introduce the vaccine into a vein you can cause problems, and if you don’t introduce Tromethamine into a vein, you can cause problems.

So they appear to be mixing drugs with counter-indications, in some wild attempt to cover their ass on blood-clotting, and they are using our children as guinea pigs for this insanity.

But what do they care: they aren’t liable for any of this. Every child in America could die a horrible death and they would still make billions scot-free. They have already murdered tens of thousands of people and aren’t being hunted with pitchforks, so they figure the sky is the limit on murdering for profit these days.

And while the head of Pfizer is calling people who question his vaccines criminals, many countries in the world are banning it or pausing it, due to the extreme harm being done.

Mainstream outlets have admitted major problems with the Pfizer vaccine from the beginning, including this article from February and this Daily Mail article from March.

That last one admits Pfizer has been linked to more blood clots than AstraZenena, though AstraZeneca has been banned or paused in many more first-world countries. Why? We may assume bigger payoffs or arm-twisting.

Officials in Italy are quoted admitting it is political, which means it is based on corporate pressure, of course, which is normally wielded through money. The Daily Mail article itself is an example of this, since it goes on to claim that no vaccine has any unusual risk level, and that there is no link between the vaccines and the clots. What? They seem to be saying A and not-A in the same article, which is again indication of multiple writers and corporate arm-twisting.

But Pfizer itself is now admitting blood-clotting is a problem by adding this blood thinner to the new vaccine. If blood-clotting is not caused by the vaccine, why combine it with a blood thinner?

This is also informative: Pfizer not only required a liability waiver from countries like Argentina and Brazil, it required collateral and guarantee funds, with assets like banks and military bases being put up as seizable assets.

So if you wondered why things went south with Bolsonaro, now you know. He was targeted by Pfizer for not following orders. The entire Western Hemisphere is now just a puppet and banana republic of Pfizer.

So this is just one more crime in a chain of outrageous crimes against humanity. You may say anyone stupid enough to accept one of these vaccines deserves what he gets, but that isn’t the case with children, who aren’t making their own decisions here.

They are absolute victims, both of this crime against humanity and of the ignorance and gullibility and misplaced trust of their parents.

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