Protecting You From Yourself

Protecting You From Yourself
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By Anna Von Reitz

There are, last time I looked, over fifty “agencies” in the business of protecting you from yourself. They will gladly shoot and kill you, frame you for felony level crimes, and concoct all manner of Big Lies to do so.

These agencies come in both Municipal Government and Territorial Government flavors, and they each have their own oddball expertise. Some of them come in pairs, like the Internal Revenue Service (Territorial) and the IRS (Municipal), or the Federal Bureau of Investigation(Territorial) and the FBI (Municipal).

This is what happens when you leave foreign contractors in charge of your government for 160 years, in case anyone wants to know. The Americans have proof.

Protecting you from yourself is big business with billions upon billions being spent on it each year.

It is also crucial to another program goal — keeping you barefoot and pregnant and tied down at the farm, stuck in a dead end job, working your little heart out for The Company Store.

Never mind that you actually own The Company Store and the middlemen operating it “for” you kinda conveniently forgot that fact.

During the Wounded Knee Stand-Off between the Federales and the Native Leaders who led the protest, agents of the FBI got into the compound perimeter and installed a gun cache of “illegal weapons” —- they have plenty of them that they confiscate from real crooks and sell to the Mexican Drug Cartels.

So here the amazed Native Leaders are, being accused of being violent armed insurrectionists based on guns they know nothing about.

This is a process of planting false evidence called “framing” someone for a crime. They deliberately make it look like you did something criminal, when you didn’t.

The same parties did the same thing to our Utah Assembly Coordinator early on. They came onto a remote corner of her property and installed a gun bunker, and they placed their snipers, and they sat down and waited.

All that had to happen was for her to notice that something was going on in her back forty, go out there to check it out, and bam!

They would have shot her to shut her up and then come after the whole Utah Assembly, accusing them of being armed insurrectionists.

So we dissolved the first Utah Assembly and removed her as Coordinator to protect her from any further endangerment.

That’s just one example of the Dirty Tricks Squad at work.

Then we had the whole Dingus Incident, where one of their guys got in the back door and started forming an illegal “national” security force and violating the “well-regulated militia” provisions, with the support of another clueless Coordinator in Texas.

Had to shut that down for the same basic reasons. The Feds would have used wrong-doing in Texas to paint all the Assemblies as “armed insurrectionist organizations” and “domestic terrorists”.

Now we’ve got former Coordinators in California trying to redefine California as something other than a State of the Union and wiggling around trying to avoid oversight by the Federation of States. Some of those folks have advocated splitting California up into pieces. Others have advocated annexing Mexico, or, alternatively, making California part of Mexico, if you can believe that. Others have been preaching about an “independent” California — that is, California as a separate country.

Let’s be very clear — all those actions are illegal.

Nothing like that should ever be promoted by anyone in any of our Assemblies.

We are here to restore our lawful government, and all the above actions seek to destroy our lawful government in California. Go figure.

Part of the Assembly in California just lost its mind and went AWOL, still claiming to be part of our lawful Assembly, despite being engaged in trying to substitute something else for our State of the Union.

Where have we seen that before?

Oh, yes, when they substituted their Territorial State of State organizations for our American State of State organizations right after the Civil War….

Here they are, at it again, trying to substitute “something else” for California.

So, we wash our hands of them and their agenda, and we carry on.

It’s not bad enough that we have all the work and responsibilities of the government thrust upon us, we have to put up with this kind of interference and undermining and constant flak,flak, flak, too.

Last night, I got a message from a disgruntled woman who asked, basically, how can anything you are doing work? They have the guns…..

And I replied.

They only provide governmental services because they get paid for doing so. Cut off their access to our credit, and refuse to give them a contract, and guess what?

Well, then, Washington, DC gets boarded up and vacated and starts to stink like an abandoned slaughterhouse —-precisely what is happening there right now. And the whole District of Columbia government, which was always a foreign operation, starts to fade away.

The actual American Government comes back into view.

We’ve got a hundred and sixty years of graft and corruption to clean up. There’s nobody here to do the job but me and you.

Joe Biden just hired 150,000 IRS agents to chase down imaginary Municipal CITIZENS.

We just impounded and fined them for misaddressing average Americans.

The poppy fields in Afghanistan got shut down.

The adrenochrome factories got shut down.

Big Pharma is next.

What’s not to like about this? Sure, it’s scary, but it’s right. And it has to be done.

As we keep them from using (and abusing) our credit, we regain access to our own assets, so there will be plenty of money to provide government services. We just have to convince the U.S. Military that the long, long mercenary “war” is over. And we are not the Enemy.

We are their long-lost Employers.

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