Rogan: Leftist media displaying ‘cult’ mindset over Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Rogan: Leftist media displaying ‘cult’ mindset over Kyle Rittenhouse trial
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Podcaster Joe Rogan joined Alex Jones, Michael Malice, and Blaire White on Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL nightly video show to discuss the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse on Tuesday, where he compared the media’s spin to “cult sh*t.”

The high-profile group of political commentators was joined by Luke Rudkowski and Rittenhouse witness and photojournalist Drew Hernandez, who testified during the trial.

Weighing in on the misrepresentation of Kyle Rittenhouse ahead of the trial by the media, Rogan said “This is cult sh*t. We’re in a cult. This information is not based on reality, this is a left-wing cult.”

“They are pumping stuff out and then they are confirming this belief,” he added. “They are all getting together and they are ignoring contrary evidence.”

“They are ignoring any narrative that challenges their belief about what happened and they are not looking at it realistically. They are only looking at it like you would if you were in a f***ing cult,” Rogan said.

In addition to discussing the Rittenhouse trial, the group also discussed the rise of medical tyranny and the media’s demonization of anyone who dares to question the official narrative provided by talking heads on cable news networks.

The group cited Green Bay Packers athlete Aaron Rodgers as well as Rogan and Pool themselves as examples of the media’s targets. After contracting COVID-19 Rogers, Rogan, and Pool were prescribed treatments by their physicians the media mocked as horse medicine. While the treatments are by no means the same as vaccines, their proponents claim that they offer some form of remedy.

Rogan stated that “this pandemic exposed the fragility of our society, that so many people are willing to give up their freedom for this bizarre fake security that doesn’t exist.”

“You’re talking about the most insecure thing ever, a pandemic virus… and then a medical solution that doesn’t entirely work,” Rogan added. “And everybody’s forcing you to get involved and take this and ignore all risks because they did and they want you to be on their side. It’s madness.”

“As soon as you see that kind of madness, if you don’t say something then you fall into tyranny,” Rogan said.


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