University of Michigan Flu Outbreak Signals First Wave of COVID-VAX-INDUCED Immune System Failure; Waves of Deaths Beginning from Vax

University of Michigan Flu Outbreak Signals First Wave of COVID-VAX-INDUCED Immune System Failure; Waves of Deaths Beginning from Vax
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The Hal Turner Radio Show – Nov 16, 2021

Back on October 4, Dr. Nathan Thompson of Illinois first signaled a possible deadly aspect to the COVID-019 Vaccines, with a video that laid out a patient of his showing signs of Immune System failure after receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. Now, a massive outbreak of Flu on the campus of the University of Michigan, may be proving his fears to be true. We may now be in a situation where the COVID-19 vaccines are destroying immune systems, making us vulnerable to being killed by OTHER viruses.

Dr. Thompson runs a health clinic in Illinois. On October 4, he published a 16 minute video laying out how patients of his gave permission to monitor their immune system function before and after receiving the COVID-19 vaccines. The long-and-short of it: The immune systems of these patients was fine before they got the vax. After the first dose (jab) the immune systems showed the expected response with CD3 and CD8 t-cells rising to confront something in the body that didn’t belong there (The COVID-19 Vax). But after these patients got the second dose of the vaccine, their immune systems did something that he says “has never happened before in the history of human existence” — the levels of CD3 and CD8 t-cells started to plummet; well below the levels needed to battle other viruses in the future.

Dr. Thompson made clear that unless these T-cell levels returned to normal, his patients would find themselves unable to fend-off viruses in the future.

His video is below, but before we get to that, an outbreak of Influenza “A” on the campus of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, has made news because hundreds of otherwise healthy college kids, have suddenly found themselves hit with a ferocious flu, making them extremely sick; far sicker than one would expect a typical, young, healthy person to encounter.

Yahoo News Reported the story (HERE) like this:

Influenza is sweeping the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus, with 528 cases diagnosed at the University Health Service since Oct. 6.

The outbreak is so sudden and large — 313 cases were identified the week of Nov. 8 alone and 37% of flu tests that week were positive — that it has drawn the attention of federal health leaders.

A team of investigators from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be on campus this week, trying to learn more about the spread of the virus and the effectiveness of this year’s flu vaccine.

When we first read this Flu outbreak story, we wondered if the warning video from Dr. Thompson was becoming real life in a big way? Are these kids on the campus of the University of Michigan, getting so very sick because they’re VAXED and their immune systems are becoming inadequate?

The first thing we did was ask Google “What is the policy of the University of Michigan for COVID-19?” That search returned a link to the University Web site where, we found, on July 30, the University of Michigan issued a Mandatory Vaccine Requirement (HERE). Here’s a screen shot of the relevant info:

As you can see above, **ALL** the kids going to that school are REQUIRED to get the vaccine. That would seem to indicate **ALL** the kids who are now so sick with Flu, are vax’d.

Could it be that the vaccine is causing deterioration of their immune systems to the point where their bodies are having trouble fighting off the Flu?

If that’s the case, what does that portend for the future? Will their immune systems continue to deteriorate, making them totally unable to fend-off disease?

Without proper levels of CD8 T-cells, a person’s body simply has no system for killing an invading virus; just like AIDS patients found themselves succumbing to opportunistic infections when AIDS first broke out.

Here is Dr. Thompson’s video, laying out his discovery, that patients of his who got the COVID-19 vaccines, are suffering from deteriorating Immune Systems. IF his conclusion is correct, the world will now begin to see growing wave after wave of otherwise healthy people, dying from viruses that they would normally fend-off, because the COVID vaccines have destroyed much of their immune systems:


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