100,000 Americans die in ONE YEAR from opioids sourced from China and flooding across the open southern border. No, the people seeking to force you to have a deadly fake vaccine do not care about your health

David Icke / Gareth Icke – memes and headline comments by David Icke

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Original Article: https://davidicke.com/2021/11/18/100000-americans-die-in-one-year-from-opioids-sourced-from-china-and-flooding-across-the-open-southern-border-yes-the-people-seeking-to-force-you-to-have-a-deadly-fake-vaccine-care-about-your-healt/

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• War had been declared by our governments against the people.

• They are illegally going against our constitutions and international law.

• Human rights violations are personal liability. Meaning every police officer or judge or anyone violating your rights is personally liable and face life in prison for their actions.

• Following orders or local laws is not a valid defence.

• Governments are committing genocide with the deadly vaccines.

• Mainstream media is complicit in this genocide.

• Independent media is fighting in this war by bringing you the truth.

• Please help support Independent media.

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